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[2000-07-23-WWF-Fully Loaded] Kurt Angle vs The Undertaker


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Angle’s wrench is straight out of a cartoon in how ridiculously big it is. This is a weird match in that the logic of the booking as a stand alone match works as Angle has been semi comedic character that has serious moments up to this point and is going against a legend for the promotion in Taker. Also, you have the established face getting full revenge and kicking ass on the heel. The flip side of that is that Angle was being thrusted hard into the main event of the 2nd biggest show of the year and a marquee angle involving HHH and Stephanie. As a result, him getting jobbed big time in this match feels like a head scratcher. This match had more back and forth than I remembered being littered with the likes of Scott Keith’s scathing review. Angle going after the ankle and leg was a sound strategy and it forced Taker to do a neat reversal to regain the advantage. Once Taker does, he gives Angle a chokeslam and Last Ride to end the match. Certainly this was more of a squash than anything else but I do think Angle had some moments sprinkled in. **

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I'd be interested to see the internet reaction to something like this today. Although I totally get the confusion over the booking I didn't have any problem with how this was presented. Angle came across here not like a joke or a loser but like somebody punching over their head a little too early in their career. And then hanging by any means necessary.


I'm not saying Taker needed this because this surely COULD have been a more serious encounter and worked more on an equal playing field. Especially in light of how HHH stayed strong against a red hot Jericho in his feud before the summer plans unfolded.


Angle was pretty good here making the most of his opportunity and his legwork was nice. Undertaker was kind of a sloth though.



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This seemed like a reality check for Angle, he wins the IC & Euro belt, wins KOTR and now he's picking on Undertaker. Talk about biting off more than you can chew. I get people being upset about Angle losing but to me 10 years of experience beats 8 months, corny rookies should not beat serious veterans. Kurt got in enough offense to not get totally squashed and Taker did enough to win but not totally dominate. The right call was made here.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-23-WWF-Fully Loaded] Kurt Angle vs The Undertaker

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