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[2000-07-24-WWF-Raw] Kurt Angle vs The Undertaker


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Angle wants more of Taker which seems ill advised. Taker comes out and beats Angle up some more. Meanwhile, Shane is running from Big Show. Shane is in the ring and Taker seizes him up for a chokeslam. Big Show asks Taker to let him have him and of course Big Show turns and beats up Taker joining Shane’s new mini unit with Benoit and Angle. Nice to see someone get one over on Taker since he has run roughshod since returning. The beatdown backstage doubles down on this with a cinder block onto Taker’s knee. ½*

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Kurt Angle has requested a rematch with the Undertaker and he surmises that everyone is probably wondering why. The reason he has requested it is because the Undertaker didn’t beat Kurt Angle at Fully Loaded, he beat a man living in fear for his life. He’s still here though, still walking, still talking and is “a okay”! There’s an expression in the sports world “wait until next year”, but he says “nuts to that” and wait until right now instead! Despite his earlier bravado, when the time comes, Angle isn’t too keen to engage, keeping his distance and backing away. Taker eventually gets his hands on him and within the first 60 seconds hits the chokeslam. Just as he does though, over the guard rail hops Shane McMahon who’s being pursued by the Big Show. Shane jumps into the ring and gets decked by Taker who then grabs him around the neck. Show begs to let him be the one to chokeslam Shane and Taker is happy for him to do so, handing him over. He returns his attention to Angle, but the moment he turns his back Show, lets Shane go and drops Taker with a clothesline (nice to see Taker go down for someone). That’s why Kurt wanted the rematch then! The three of them triple team Taker, attacking his leg before Show chokeslams him, all while JR screams how it’s nothing but a conspiracy. The EMTs are there with the stretcher, but like Taker’s going to get wheeled out of there!


As Michael Cole tries to get a word with the Undertaker backstage, he’s jumped once more by the three of them, culminating with Shane breaking a cinder block over his knee.

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