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[2000-07-24-WWF-Raw] The Rock & Kane vs Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle


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We get our opening promo. I am still airing on the side of being in favor of these and certainly Foley as a face administrator but this was a 17 minute segment that probably could have been condensed down to 12 with Foley cutting most of the PPV rehash. We get Benoit joining the proceedings with Shane demanding a rematch tonight and claiming he is the rightful champion. Stephanie comes out and says the game proved to Jericho he was the man and proved it to her multiple times last night. Mick admits that for a split second last year, he found Steph attractive but now agrees with Jericho’s assessment of her. Steph slaps Mick and he is all fired up. He makes a tag match for later on involving Steph/Shane. We get clips interspersed throughout the night of Shane/Big Show leaving the building and ending up at our final tag match of Rock/Kane teaming up against Angle/Benoit. Match is fun with Kane getting worked over. I continue to like how Angle works with Kane and tries to chop him down like a big tree focusing on the leg and keeping him grounded. Rock gets the hot tag to a huge pop and locks on the crossface on Benoit. Kane has Angle lifted on the ramp as a powerslam with Shane coming out with Big Show for a big attack. They ram Kane into the Titan Tron in a neat sequence of spots. Shane runs to the ring and gets chased by Rock. Rock makes it to him on the entranceway but Angle has recovered with a chair and him and Benoit lay the boots to Rock. Shane has developed quite a fun faction for himself. *** (5.9)

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