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[2000-07-26-WCW-Thunder] Rey Misterio Jr & Juventud Guerrera vs Shane Helms & Shannon Moore


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Filthy Animals promo was horrendous. I couldn’t tell if it was meant to be that bad or not but it was off putting nonetheless. Tank dancing is amazing and for a 4 minute match, this was pretty great. I wish Juvy and Rey weren’t bogged down with the awful gimmick as its not like they weren’t poised to have a great in ring year if given the opportunities. It was important and nice to see 3 Count mix it up with these lucha stars. *1/2

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Heel Rey continuing to slap the hands of the fans as he walks to ringside! The Filthy Animals are carrying a small step ladder to mock Evan Karagias who sprained his ankle falling off a bigger one on Nitro a couple of weeks ago. Konan runs through his catchphrases and tells Evan and his crew to come out and bow down to the originators of high flying wrestling. Evan (on crutches) and Tank Abbott join them and Tank challenges the Animals to a dance contest. As Konan and Disco bust some moves in the ring, Shannon Moore and Shane Helms hop the guardrail and dropkick the pair of them in the back sending them tumbling to the floor. Action continues inside as Tank is brandishing a crutch outside. Disco nails him with his own square mat and Tank chases him all the way to the back. With the official ‘s back turned and concentrating on Tank and Disco, the Jung Dragons appears out of nowhere and take out 3 Count with a pair of great looking spinning heel kicks. Springboard legdrop by Juvi on Helms. Shane with a boot to the mid-section and a release German suplex with ‘the Juice’ landing flush on the back of his head. Cross-armed German for two as Rey is in to break up the pin. Blind tag behind Shane’s back and Rey levels him with a springboard lariat. This time it’s Shannon making the save at two, and a quick 3 Count double team results in Rey being on the receiving end of a sit-out powerbomb. Slingshot senton from Shannon and a sleeper into a reverse DDT. Juvi’s in to help his partner and hits ‘the Dominator’ on Moore. Rey with a legdrop off the top to the groin, however Juvi then misses his rip off ‘People’s elbow’. Lionsault by Shannon connects with only canvas, but Shane is in with a quick fire superkick. He makes the cover and Rey is loitering in the corner, inside the ring, seemingly having forgotten that he doesn’t need to break this pin attempt as Juvi kicks out all by himself! Double team Samoan drop/swinging neckbreaker on Rey as the two counts continue. Juvi reverses an Irish whip, and Rey backdrops Shane over the top rope to the outside and follows that with a baseball slide into a headscissors on the floor. ‘Juvi Driver’ on Shannon and the 450 splash for the win.


I had high expectations for this match but sadly they didn’t materialise, as for whatever reason the two teams were just off. Not terrible or anything, just not as fluid and smooth as you would expect. There are also way too many people at ringside to start with and there is so much going on everywhere, and that’s even before the Jung Dragons have interjected themselves into things. I’ll say the same again, but the sooner that Tank is away from 3 Count the better and I have no idea what Tygress adds to the Filthy Animals, bar giving Konan another lame catchphrase to his repertoire.

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The promo does suck as does Filthy Animals making fun of Karagias's injury. There is really no semblance of a story or build here but for the short run time they pack in a lot and all guys are working hard, particularly the 3 Count team. I think all the stuff Moore does looks awkward and light and pillowy but he seemed more on his game here than he typically has looked. Helms and Juvy paired off well and I liked this for what it was.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-26-WCW-Thunder] Rey Misterio Jr & Juventud Guerrera vs Shane Helms & Shannon Moore

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