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[2000-07-29-OVW-TV] Nick Dinsmore vs Jason Lee


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Good five minute match with Dinsmore looking as good here as he has in 2000 so far. Lee isn't quite as agile on his feet as he thinks but he saves himself well enough. The match is a good victory for Dinsmore over a lower opponent. Afterwards, Cornette must have been so impressed with that angle from last week involving Flash that we see the whole thing again. Once was enough for me. *1/2

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Lee gets the better of a knucklelock, even forcing a couple of pinfall attempts that Dinsmore has to bridge out of. Whip to the corner is reversed, but Dinsmore runs into Lee’s boot when he charges at him. Lee climbs the turnbuckle for a moonsault (thankfully Cornette has already given up on using the term ‘Lee-sault’), however Dinsmore dropkicks the ropes causing him to lose his balance. Belly to back superplex, but Lee lands on his feet as they continue to work a fast pace. Dinsmore counters a powerbomb attempt with a huracanrana, before Lee just launches him through the ropes to the outside. Robert Brisco joins Corny and Dean Hill at the commentary desk and says that because of what happened last week he won’t be refereeing today. His neck is still sore and he’s got to rest up, but he will be back at the Louisville Gardens on Friday night for Summerblast and hasn’t forgotten about Phil Fair either. Marvellous! Back to the action, Lee pancakes Dinsmore to the canvas and a Lionsault for two. Accidental clash of heads sees both men go down. As they both get to their feet, Dinsmore with a flying forearm followed by a missile dropkick. After a bit of jockeying for position he is able to hit the German suplex and get the win.


Decent TV opener as they worked a quick pace here, which was almost all down to Lee. It was very rough in execution at times (again more so down to Lee) while I’m not convinced that Dinsmore is smooth enough to uphold this ‘Mr Wrestling’ nickname that he has. You often here Cornette talk about how he was saddled with the rotten ‘Eugene’ gimmick in the WWF, although without that he would’ve ended up like Brent Albright/Gunner Scott. There’s no charisma whatsoever, nothing special as a worker and he’s not a good talker either. If anything the guy overachieved on the WWF front.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-29-OVW-TV] Nick Dinsmore vs Jason Lee

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