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[2000-07-29-OVW-TV] Flash Flanagan vs Trailer Park Trash


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Really good four minute match with a lot of hate. I think TPT and Flash have a ton more chemistry than Flash and Dinsmore. The finish is fucking stupid involving Bob Fair the referee being crooked but hey it is OVW. I don't know why Cornette thinks this referee angle is so great but it is not. Referee Briscoe also comes out and beats up Fair. **

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Quick recap of an interview from last week where Flash says that he doesn’t like Phil Fair, and to prove it KO’s him on the spot.


Fair is the official for this match, and Cornette says how we just saw Flash alienate his only ally, a man who will also co-referee his title match at Summerblast. Flash is wearing a ‘Raw is War’ T-shirt which is a nice touch. There’s no hanging around with these two as they immediately start swinging punches. It’s nothing but punch, chop, kick and clothesline as they give off the impression that they really don’t like each other. Corny mentions how at Summerblast, it will be Flash’s OVW title on the line against Dinsmore’s WWF contract. Flash moves out the way of a charging TPT who ends up crotching himself on the middle turnbuckle. Hangman’s neckbreaker by Flash and he continues to put the boots to his opponent. Trash ducks a lariat only to run into a side kick. He starts to fire back and Flash backs off into the corner. As Fair gets between them to give Flash space, he reaches into his trunks and pulls out some brass knux. He swings, but Fair spots them on his hand and hooks his arm to stop him from connecting. Trash with a schoolboy and the official counts the three for the surprise win. Flash shoves down Fair after the match and is about to clock him with the knux when out sprints Nick Dinsmore for the save. Release German suplex, when from behind is Fair with a low blow on ‘Mr Wrestling’. Cornette then starts screaming that “it was a stinking plot all along”, and how he warned Fair that he was on probation and he would be fired if there were any more screwy decision. Chair shot to the head of Dinsmore, when of all the people to come to his aid is Robert Brisco WHO AGAIN DROPS FLASH! When he turns his attention to Fair, that gives Flash the opening, and he lays Brisco out with a DDT. The show goes off the air with the heels still beating on the pair of them and Cornette wondering if Fair and Flash have suckered Dinsmore out of his WWF contract.


Short match, but one that felt pretty heated with the way Flash and TPT were just going toe to toe with each other. Surprise pinfall loss for Flash heading into Summerblast, although what wasn’t a surprise was that he and Fair were still in cahoots. Cornette was laying it on so thick about how Flash had lost his only ally that you were just waiting for something to happen to prove that he hadn’t. Just like last week, even though he quickly lays him out after, I hated Flash having to bump for Brisco again.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-29-OVW-TV] Flash Flanagan vs Trailer Park Trash

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