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[2000-07-31-WCW-Nitro] Lt. Loco vs Lance Storm


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MIA sucks as a faction. Lance has renamed the Hardcore title. The Canadian stuff has garnered him some heat but it does feel like a gimmick that is a couple of years too late after the US vs Canada stuff of 1997. Action is fine for a three minute match. Hugh Morrus and Leroux are brutal on commentary. Loco seems to have hurt his leg and Lance targets that looking for the Maple Leaf. He locks it in and Lance has the Hat Trick of WCW titles. They are building him up for sure. Right as I type that, here comes Nash to squash and dismiss Storm. Fuck Nash. ¾*

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-31-WCW] Lance Storm vs Chavo Guerrero Jr
  • 5 months later...

The General is declaring war on Canada and tonight Lt. Loco will rip the kajones off of Lance Storm so he cannot reproduce and cannot contaminate it anymore!  ‘Serious’ Lance thinks that Hardcore wrestling is a bunch of garbage, so to bring respect to the title he won last week he is renaming it the Saskatchewan Hardcore International Title.  Tee hee hee, those initials spell SHIT.  The Canadian national anthem hasn’t even finished playing and the M.I.A. are on their way out, Lt. Loco leading the charge.  Springboard crossbody followed by a flying headscissors from the Cruiserweight champion.  Chavo lands on the apron after being backdropped over the top rope, however Storm then snaps his neck across it and a dropkick sends him tumbling to the floor.  Back inside the two trade blows as the Lieutenant starts to get the better of things.  He lays in some European uppercuts and lands a DDT, caught just in time by the camera which was focussing on the General at the commentary desk.  Chavo sticks a back flip off the top, although in doing so hurts his ankle.  As Charles Robinson tries to check he’s okay to continue, Lance pulls him away and kicks away at that ankle.  Double leg cradle by Loco for a two.  He looks to counter the Storm powerbomb with a huracanrana but Lance re-counters and slaps on the ‘Canadian Maple Leaf’ submission.  Lt. Loco submits and Storm adds a third title to his collection as Mark Madden screams “Hat trick, hat trick!”  Storm’s celebration is interrupted by Kevin Nash who wants to say something.  The triple champion doesn’t back down when Nash tells him to get out of there so ‘Big Sexy’ gives him the jobber treatment as Lance bumps for his big boot to the face.

Average match and a shit ending with Nash treating Storm like a nobody, not someone who is now a triple champion in the company.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-31-WCW-Nitro] Lt. Loco vs Lance Storm

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