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[2000-08-03-WWF-Smackdown] The Rock & Kane vs Big Show & Chris Benoit

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Rock gives a pretty funny promo with Kevin Kelly where he blackens one his tooth to make it look like the gap that Benoit has. They have continued to do a good job bridging the feud between Benoit and Rock and to when he will move onto Angle/HHH for the SummerSlam main event. I was shocked at how much I enjoyed this match. Benoit/Big Show make a fun makeshift team, Kane showed more fire here than usual with a great brawl at the start and FIP sequence and the Rock is officially now a good wrestler in his own right and even the Sharpshooter that looks dreadful later on in his career is applied tightly and smoothly. The finish worked with Rock going for a People’s Elbow and Shane smashing a chair against him. Benoit then delivers a brutal looking diving headbutt to pick up the win. The issue between Show and Kane goes up to the top of the entranceway where Show removes a piece of the set and then gives a chokeslam to Kane onto the concrete floor. The camera work was slick here in not showing Kane lying on the floor until enough time had elapsed for production to remove the mat that Kane fell on. This should have been utilized in the HHH vs Undertaker spot at WM 17. *** (6.1)

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