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[1993-11-28-WCW-Jacksonville, FL] Lord Steven Regal & Dick Slater vs Davey Boy Smith & Sting

Phil Schneider

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We get a nifty chance to look at Regal work a house show tag match along side fellow classic heel stooge Dick Slater. This is mostly the heel bumping and clowning for the faces and these are a pair of great clowns. Regal and Davey Boy had a great PPV match full of WOS spots, and they break out a bunch of those tricks here. This stuff has been spammed a lot by indy dudes lately, but it is pretty crazy to watch them do wristlock cartwheel counters in 93 WCW. Sting and Regal have a really fun knucklock sequence, with Sting doing a super impressive bridge with Regals weight on top of him. The finish came a bit abruptly after a long heel kneework section on Davey Boy, but that was my only quibble. Fun stuff and a great out of nowhere upload.

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