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[2000-08-11-ECW-TNN] Kid Kash vs Justin Credible


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Credible just sucks. Kash comes out hot and doing exactly what a lower level big underdog should do in a title match. Credible then takes over on offense and the match just dies. He just can’t string along anything cohesive or interesting as a heel on top and retrieves back to dire tropes and the kendo stick shots. Francine does a littler interfereing and it looks like she is going to be pedigreed when Rhino makes the run in. Shockingly, we see some of Francine’s ass and this is just as tired looking as the WCW stuff. On commentary, they mention Corino splintering from the Network so that is something at least new. RVD chases off Rhino and the show ends on a dud with Kash/RVD being presented as an exciting new tag team. *1/4

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Credible isn’t even trying to be conspicuous with his spot calling which you can clearly see.  Kash clotheslines him over the top rope to the outside and then nails him with a springboard plancha to the floor.  He dumps him into the first row where he comes flying at him again, this time over the guard rail with an ‘Air Sabu’.  Kash runs into a back elbow and Credible connects with a superkick before getting Francine to pass him a chair which he slams Kash’s head into.  Credible grabs a mic and bad mouths Kash over it whilst at the same time putting the boots to his opponent.  Kash avoids the baseball slide and then lands a guillotine leg drop.  Francine hooks Kash’s leg from the arena floor and as he turns around to see what she’s playing at, she slides the Singapore cane to Credible.  Despite blasting him between the eyes with that cane the challenger is still able to kick out of the cover.  Francine is now up on the apron and accidentally hits Credible with a metal tray.  Schoolboy by Kash, but this time it is the champion who manages to get a shoulder up as Francine is beside herself thinking she’d cost Credible the World title.  Beautiful top rope rana by Kash and this time Francine is in to make the save, diving on top of Mike Kehner.  That gets one of the loudest reactions of the match, primarily because Francine’s ass is hanging out from her dress.  Credible returns the favour, saving Francine from the ‘Money Maker’ and he is back visually calling spots again.  Kash ducks a clothesline but gets gored by Rhino who has snuck into the ring.  The pair of them double team him until Rob Van Dam, Kash’s partner in the upcoming tag team title tournament, makes the save as the show goes off the air.

Kash continues to look good in the ring and I enjoyed this one a tad more than Chad with a couple of nice near falls in there.  The finish was flat but they do seem to be hyping this tag team title tournament as a pretty big deal.

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