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[2000-08-12-MCW-TV] Reckless Youth vs Lance Cade


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They were giving seven minutes to work with and had a fine match. Youth is able to get big heat from the crowd and that rallies everyone behind Cade. There was a stupid moment in the middle with the referee almost rolling Youth up for the pin but after that the match kicks into another gear for the final stretch. Reckless hits the turnaround splash and bulldog to regain control. The referee gets bumped and as expected, Youth goes for the foreing object. Ronnie James on commentary grabs it out of his hand and hits Youth with it allowing Cade to roll him up for the win. **

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I'm not buying into Cade. He comes across so stilted and fake to me. He puts forth such a minimum effort to garner sympathy from the crowd while Reckless has him in a chinlock. And he just doesn't seem confident moving around the ring. Reckless did a fine job working around that and they had a decent match but I thought Reckless was leading the way here.



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Reckless is wearing a cowboy hat and pretending he’s riding a horse to mock Cade. He’s about to cut a promo but gets no quiet from the crowd so gives up after a few words! Ronnie James joins David Jett on commentary and just as the match begins we go to footage of a spot show from the Fairgrounds where James was scheduled to face Reckless in a ‘Tennessee Street fight’. Youth managed to weasel his way out of those stipulations and they had a regular bout which he ended up winning by DQ, even though James pinned him after ramming his head into a chair that he had initially bought into the ring. Back to the match and he’s struggling with the size difference between them, so resorts to kicking Cade between the legs from behind. Somersault senton for two. Youth is in the official’s face complaining about the slowness of the count and gives him a shove. Referee Charlie Miller shoves him back, Cade drills him with a right and a hip toss from Miller! He then schoolboys Reckless as Cade counts a pin! Fuck this comedy bullshit. Scoop powerslam by Cade for two. Lariat off the top, chokeslam and neither is able to put Reckless away. Youth with a tip up, after being whipped into the corner, followed by a tornado bulldog. Miller gets squashed between Cade and the turnbuckle and, sensing an opportunity, Reckless pulls something out of his pockets. James leaves the commentary position to go to the ring and snatches that object out of Youth’s hand. He drills him with a right and Cade with a roll up for the win.


I was bored by this, add in the ‘comedy’ ref spots and it isn’t for me. Reckless has got some entertaining shtick with the crowd and that, but Cade brings nothing to the plate here. It says everything about WWF developmental that out of the four TWA signees, the one who’s got the least talent and probably least charisma, but has the significant size, is the one who made it to the WWF first (I’ve not checked although I think he made it before Brian Kendrick did).

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