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[2000-08-12-MCW-TV] Steven Regal vs Shooter Shultz


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What a delight watching Regal work. He has a gritty and competitive five minute match here and looks to be rounding back into form. Shooter much like the Danielson match is someone that can be led along the way and do fine for himself. Finish comes with a ref bump and Pete Gas coming in to help Regal. Regal wins with the Regal Stretch. **1/4

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It's always nice to see Regal just keeping the distance close, applying pressure, getting in his opponent's face. And this is a match where a guy like Schultz benefits from Regal leading him to a nice little match. Schultz didn't offer a ton but was perfectly serviceable and a good notch for Regal.



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Regal says that he is going to grace these peasants with the chance of seeing him defend the Southern Heavyweight title. There is someone in the back who has been making quite a name for themselves in MCW and deserves that shot, Shooter Schultz. His Lordship thinks he should know better about calling himself ‘Shooter’ though “as there is only one bloody ‘Shooter’ in this company!” A proper lock up, in the same vain as that Low Ki and Homicide one from IWO. Schultz grabs the wrist to escape a side headlock, forces his opponent to the mat, and bends that hand back while at the same time digging his knee into Regal’s elbow. Double underhook suplex for two. As Shooter rushes in, Regal scissors and trips the legs before slapping on a half nelson submission. Schultz makes the ropes for the break, but Regal, in getting back to his feet first, boots him in the ribs. Shooter reverses the wristlock and tees off with some forearms. A lovely vertical suplex for another two count. Regal’s peeved after a gut wrench and unloads with some forearms of his own in the corner. When referee Charlie Miller tries to get him to stop, he back elbows him in the face. Knee to the stomach by Schultz and a second double underhook suplex. He locks on the ‘Shooter clutch’ when out comes the Mean Street Posse and Pete Gas clobbers him in the head with a title belt. ‘Regal stretch’, Rodney shakes Miller in order to wake him and comes around to see Schultz tap.


Another highly enjoyable MCW TV outing for Schultz and I maintain everything I said about him from last week after the Dragon match. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone do such a lovely vertical suplex as he did here. Regal gives him enough to make him look strong and credible, before getting the win due to outside interference. I can only imagine that he learned plenty working with and training alongside Regal on a regular basis, making it all the more disappointing, to go along with all that talent, that he gave up after the WWF gave up on him.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-12-MCW-TV] Steven Regal vs Shooter Shultz

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