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[2000-08-13-ECW-Hardcore TV] Mikey Whipwreck vs Rhino


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Short but entergetic tv match with Mikey having to use his speed to escape the viciousness of Rhino. Rhino does a good job stalking after Mikey and Mikey is always someone that can create sympathy from the crowd. Whippersnapper gives Mikey some hope until Justin Credible canes the Sinister Minister. MIkey hits a pescado on Credible and then canes Rhino repeatedly. Rhino is able to catch Mikey going for a dive and hits the gore for the win. *1/2

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Looks like Rhino and Mikey have good chemistry. I liked this quite a bit with Whipwreck kind of keeping this moving and Rhino keeping up well with him and looking game. Mikey can call on his savvy and crowd connection to get a lot out of what they put together. The finish came off perfectly and Rhino is booked excellently on the line between slight vulnerability and dismissive dominance.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-13-ECW-Hardcore TV] Mikey Whipwreck vs Rhino
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Whipwreck starts out fast utilising his speed, and even though Rhino powers out of an early ‘Whippersnapper’ is still able to drop him with an inverted DDT.  A pair of dropkicks and Rhino slides under the ropes to the floor to re-evaluate his game plan.  Mikey follows him out, although perhaps he shouldn’t have, as Rhino reverses the Irish whip sending him crashing into the guard rail.  He collects a table from under the ring, however while doing so has taken his eyes off his opponent who drills him in the head with a steel chair.  Slingshot guillotine leg drop for a two.  Rhino reverses a second Irish whip (maybe ditch that against heavier foes!) and Mikey barely kicks out after the powerslam.  He stands the table up in the corner but Mikey fires back with jabs and a nice huracanrana for a near fall.  As he questions the official’s count, he’s floored by a clothesline.  I’m real surprised at how back and forth this match is going.  Rhino misses the charge in the corner and Mikey with a superkick.  ‘Whippersnapper’, before Mikey can make the cover though he’s distracted by Justin Credible who has run to ringside and caned the Sinister Minister.  Credible scarpers although drops his Singapore cane in the process which Mikey picks up and breaks over Rhino’s head.  Crossbody off the top but Rhino catches him and gores him through the table to retain the TV title.

I was expecting Rhino to run through Mikey and Mikey to bump big for his offense and power, but we got a back and forth match where both men actually ended up looking strong and Mikey’s finisher was even protected without the need for Rhino to kick out.  Recommended and a heck of a five minute TV match.

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