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[2000-08-12-NECW] Maverick Wild vs Mike Hollow


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We will see a bit of Wilde and he had some hype around the lessor known indies of the first half. He looked pretty good here working the leg and doing mat work and then the comedy aspects that were inserted into this match were less successful. Hollow was pardon the pun pretty hollow in the variety of his attack but he was competent enough and did show some viciousness going after the arm. I was surprised to see Hollow pick up the win. I didn't leave this match wondering why Wilde wasn't ROH champion but this did provide a nice palate cleanser for all of the non WWF stuff that occurred on this day in the US. **1/2

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There’s something kind of sleazy about Wilde with his gaudy gold cape and dodgy looking tache and beard.  He’s in no hurry to engage or lock up either, stalling for a tad.  Military press by Hollow followed by a trio of clotheslines as he gets the first two count of the match.  The ‘All American’is content to work the arm, but after whipping Wilde into the corner misses the running knee and crashes into the turnbuckles.  Wilde goes straight after that knee, however I don’t know if he has a brain freeze or what, but suddenly starts working on the other leg.  Literally one leg drop to the ‘wrong’ leg, one grapevine and Hollow is hopping around on it even though it was the other knee that was initially damaged and worked over.  To be fair he sells that leg nicely, until it’s time for his comeback!  Full nelson slam, but Hollow telegraphs the back drop and Wilde with a spinning wheel kick.  Hollow avoids the flying elbow drop though and cradles his opponent for the win.

Where they switched working over the leg really irked me.  You also had Hollow blowing the work off to hit atomic drops before going back to selling it as the leg then gives out on a bodyslam.  There’s enough about Wilde that I hope we see more from him, can’t say I feel the same about the Hollow.

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