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[2000-08-13-WCW-New Blood Rising] Goldberg vs Scott Steiner vs Kevin Nash


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Goldberg’s music starts but he doesn’t come out. Nash and Steiner start off the match against each other. Goldberg then comes out and they have an ok 3 way match. Then we get the big angle where Nash goes for the powerbomb and Goldberg shoots by leaving. Russo yells at him on the entranceway and this is just complete ass all around. The match continues and you can’t pay attention to it because the announcers keep yammering on about what is in the script or not. Madaja comes out and low blows Nash but that isn’t enough as Nash ends up winning and is the #1 contender. Just an atrocity all around. ¼*

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I feel like Midajah tries like 7 separate instances of interference here. This was absolute bullshit. Goldberg walks off okay, and Russo is supposed to somehow be intimidating Goldberg into anything here. The work is just background to this ridiculous story. If you watched a movie and some actor walks off saying that these lines are bullshit and they aren't going to be spoken, would you stick around to see this unplanned bullshit. Finish happens and Nash wins but it's just symptomatic of WCW as a whole. Meta at its worst.



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A number one contender’s match, where the winner goes on to face the World champion at Fall Brawl. Goldberg’s music plays and there is no sign of him as the commentators talk about how he isn’t here. The camera focuses on a ‘Goldberg fears Gillberg’ sign in the crowd, which is amazing in its own right that they would even show that, until you remember that this is WCW! His music plays for a second time, still no Goldberg so this commences as a singles match. A Nash big boot sends Steiner to the outside where ‘Big Sexy’ whips him into the guard rail before dropping him throat first across it. Goldberg finally arrives, ribs heavily taped and he clocks Nash over the head with a chair. As he starts some ground and pound, Steiner attacks him from behind and tosses him into the ring. Clothesline followed by an elbow drop for two as Goldberg clutches at those ribs. He ducks a second clothesline and a big flying shoulder tackle takes Steiner off his feet. Nash has finished having a rest on the floor now, although nearly slips when stepping over the top rope back into the ring! Belly to belly by Steiner on Nash, but Goldberg then catches him with a nice double underhook/judo throw. Nash with a terrible looking double clothesline, followed by a sideslam on Steiner. He goes for the ‘jackknife’ powerbomb on Goldberg, but Goldberg forces his way out of it, the two exchange words and he climbs out the ring and starts walking back to the dressing room. Goldberg is not even a quarter a way down the aisle when Vince Russo appears from the opposite direction to try and cut him off. Russo orders him to “get your ass back in the ring” and Goldberg responds with “f*ck you!” and carries on his way. The commentators wonder what just happened and Scott Hudson speculates that Goldberg was supposed to go up for the ‘jackknife’ but decided to swerve Kevin Nash instead. Great a shoot~ Madden then claims that Nash could’ve punched Goldberg out right there if he wanted but Nash is too much of a pro! This is comedy gold here, what on earth has Madden been watching for all these years if he thinks Nash is a pro? The bout continues just like it started as a singles contest and now Schiavone is at is saying “if the powerbomb was part of the design what are they going to do now? Improvise?” Enough of the inside talk please! Belly to back suplex by Steiner and Nash is able to get a shoulder up in time. ‘Big Poppa Pump’ runs into a Nash big boot when out jogs Midajah, who for some reason hadn’t accompanied her man from the onset. Steiner rakes the eyes of the official when Nash has got him set for a chokeslam, and Midajah comes to his aid with a low blow and an elbow drop to the groin of the fallen ‘Big Sexy’. Awful looking DDT by Nash and Madden says how he’s never seen him use a DDT before, that’s probably because he sucks at doing them Mark, although he thinks it’s because “they’re winging it on the fly”. Midajah breaks up the pin attacking Nash right in front of the referee, and for some reason that isn’t a DQ? It doesn’t matter though as Nash with the ‘jackknife’ and he advances to Fall Brawl.


The first half of this with the three way action was fine, mainly due to the efforts of Goldberg and Steiner (with the former doing a good job on selling those injured ribs). From the moment Goldberg ‘went into business for himself’ that did it for me and all I could think was “not again...” Bash at the Beach was bad enough with Jarrett lying down for Hogan and here we have Goldberg ‘not following the script’ and walking out on the match as opposed to ‘doing what he was supposed to do’. All while the announcers are making inside comments and remarks. Why on earth are they talking about ‘improvising a match’? Yeah, go ahead and tell your viewers that these guys are given a script and plan what they’re going to do in the back! Vince Russo couldn’t wait to get out on camera, so if you were in any doubt that this may have been a ‘shoot’, with how quick he’s out there to confront Goldberg confirms it is anything of the sort. Just give us a match without any of this pseudo BS! The segment ends with the commentary team wondering what is next for Goldberg and Hudson calling him a ‘cry baby’. Ridiculous!

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