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[2000-08-14-WCW-Nitro] Booker T vs Kevin Nash


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Madden gets Jerry Lawler pervy when they show a fan with a low cut dress in the front row. A sign says WWF sucks its true its true. IF ONLY. Tony plugs the PPV replay. I would have been ashamed to have ordered that. Nash says that WCW has decided Hall is too dangerous for live tv. Nash does a promo with a cut out of Hall and goes shooty. He calls out Booker and Booker comes out in street clothes. Steiner runs out and attacks Booker with a pipe. Goldberg is on the screen with Madaja and says any bitch that’s been with Steiner isn’t a lady. Goldberg jackhammers Madaja through a table though thankfully we cut away. Some more awful WCW main event stuff here. NR.

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‘Big Sexy’ is in the house! He manoeuvres the crowd into a “We Want Scott” chant and tells the fans that no-one wants Scott Hall more than him, but WCW have decided that he’s too dangerous for live TV. Since Hall can’t be here he’s bought with him a life sized cardboard cut out of the man. Nash conducts a short interview with the cut out and takes a page out of his old partner’s book with a survey and asks the crowd how many people want to see Scott Hall back? All of them by the sound of things! After Nash finishes his routine Booker makes his entrance, but is jumped from behind by a lead pipe carrying Scott Steiner before even making it into the ring. Steiner takes out Nash as well, when on the big screen appears Goldberg who’s got hold of Midajah. Goldberg lifts her up for the jackhammer at which point the screen cuts out and Steiner takes off after them. When he gets to the back he finds her laid out having been ‘jackhammered through a table’ and Goldberg nowhere to be seen.


If there is anything worse than Kevin Nash’s stand up routine it is Mark Madden’s over the top reaction to it. This is what it is and not much to add really although it would’ve been more effective had Midajah actually took the jackhammer as opposed to them cutting the feed and then pretending she had.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-14-WCW-Nitro] Booker T vs Kevin Nash

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