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[2000-08-14-WWF-Raw] Chris Benoit vs The Undertaker


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Shane is still in Benoit’s corner. This match made me look up if Benoit and Taker ever had a big match. They do have a 12 minute one later in the year at Rebellion which I look forward to. Besides that and one on SmackDown in a couple of weeks, nada which is pretty amazing. The action is fun with Benoit moving around but also hitting some high impact moves. Taker makes his comeback and looks to have Benoit dead to rights when Shane comes in with a chair. Kane makes his return and turns on Undertaker chokeslamming him making the ring collapse ala Foley at No Way Out. Kane then rides off on Taker’s bike. A pretty nonsensical turn and considering the source, I would imagine not much of a justification and explanation is coming. ¾*

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I was disappointed this wasn't more substantial because of Benoit and Taker hardly ever facing off. This is more by the numbers to get to the angle at the end when Kane comes out and predictably kills Taker. This was fine while it lasted but tough to see what kind of chemistry they would have had in a larger setting.



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Shane is on the apron distracting the Undertaker so that Benoit can jump him from behind, but Taker’s wise to their plan, knows what’s coming and gets the first shot in anyway.  After running into a big boot, ‘the Crippler’ kicks away at his mid-section having to be pulled off by the official as he was paying no attention to his count.  That gives Taker the chance to reverse positions and he goes to town, alternating rights and lefts to the body.  Running lariat in the corner followed by a side slam.  Benoit avoids the elbow and then dropkicks the injured knee of Taker.  As he tries to get back to his feet, a great enziguiri takes him right back down.  Diving headbutt but Taker kicks out of the cover, much to Shane and ‘the Crippler’s’ disbelief.  The Irish whip is reversed and Taker snatches Benoit for a chokeslam.  He escapes his grasp only to be on the wrong end of a boot to the face.  Taker has him set for ‘the Last Ride’ when Shane is in there to save his man, clocking the Undertaker in the back with a chair for the DQ.  A further shot to the head and Benoit then locks on the crossface as Shane stomps away on the helpless Taker.  Kane runs out for the save and Shane and ‘the Crippler’ get out of there before he arrives wanting no part of him.  He lifts his ‘brother’ up, but then turns on him, chokeslamming him twice (the second time through a gimmicked part of the ring) before riding off on his motorbike.

Just what the World needs, a regurgitated feud between Kane and the Undertaker.  The brief bit of action between Benoit and Taker wasn’t bad at all, and I especially liked the aggression shown by both in the few minutes we got.

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