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[2000-08-15-WWF-Smackdown Dark] The Dupps vs Russ & Charlie Haas


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This is Otto Schwanz and Cham Pain as the Dupps. Another cool look at a dark match in a tv taping. The Haas brothers do some unique flippy stuff and it looks like they are angling for a job before taking the fall. Both this and the prior match gave some neat insight and felt like a Sunday Night Heat or WCW Worldwide equivalent match. *1/4

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Haas brothers showed some nice stuff. The Dupps were not that inspiring when in control and there were some pretty rough moments of miscommunication in the end stretch. It is interesting to see a pretty empty arena not reacting much when these guys are busting their ass. These four got some time to let this breathe a little and it was a fine showcase, particularly for the Haas brothers.



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I remember seeing the Haas brothers earlier in the year for Jersey All Pro and being how surprised at how big they were, yet here they’re dwarfed by the Dupps (who’ve also changed their ring gear since we last saw them back in May). Russ with a satellite headscissors on Jack followed by a pair of arm drags. Tag to his brother and the Haas’ whip him into the turnbuckles. Charlie then gets down on all fours, Russ runs, handsprings off his back (think someone doing the vault in gymnastics) and splashes Jack in the corner. Side headlock by Charlie, Jack shoots him off, drop down and Bo is about to clobber Charlie from the apron but he blocks the shot and decks him with one of his own. He’s forgotten about Jack though, who nails him with a double axe handle sending him tumbling through the ropes to the outside. Jack then distracts the official allowing his partner to get in some blows on the floor behind his back. Cool looking belly to back suplex by Jack. Double shoulder charge, Bo drops the elbow but it only gets him a one count. The Dupps are working those double team moves, this time a chokeslam, as they look to soften up Charlie. Combination powerslam/big splash yet they still can’t put him away. Charlie ducks Jack’s swinging right hand and catches him with a release German suplex. Both men make the tag and Russ takes it to the Dupps, including a textbook huracanrana on Bo. Jack catches the leg, but in something that wouldn’t look out of place in a video game, Russ with a backflip kicking Jack in the face at the same time with his free leg. Slingshot shoulderblock and Charlie then clotheslines Jack over the top rope to the outside. The Haas’ with a Tajiri handspring moonsault/twisting leg drop combo, but Jack is back up on the apron and preventing the referee from making the count. Charlie slugs him, however after Bo ducks the double clothesline he pulls him to the floor and rams his head into the barricade. Big boot to Russ, double ‘Alabama slam’ and it’s a victory for the Dupps.


On the back of this match the Haas brothers look much better prospects than the Dupps, even though it’s the latter who are already under contract. I’m not sure the change of ring wear does the Dupps any favours either, as at least in that other dark match against York & Matthews they had a gimmick of some sort, here they’re just a pair of big dudes in vests. I thought Bo looked bad, and while Jack is the superior of the two, not sure where he would fit in as a single. The Haas’ worked hard and tried some unique stuff, even if there were a few miscommunication spots at times.


EDIT: As I missed this earlier


This is Otto Schwanz and Cham Pain as the Dupps.


It's actually Otto Schwanz and Mike Howell aka Mike Maverick. Cham Pain was Marty Garner.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-15-WWF-Smackdown Dark] The Dupps vs Russ & Charlie Haas

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