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[2000-08-16-WCW-Thunder] Rey Mysterio Jr & Juventud Guerrera vs Mark Jindrak & Sean O'Haire


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KDawg is on commentary gloating about the Animals being the new tag champs even though they got a big assist from Sting. Jindrak and O’Haire give one of the biggest double arm drags to Juvy you will see. Above Average Mike Sanders has emerged and is with Disco on the outside. The power moves work well against the Animals. I guess the Animals are face as Perfect Event come out and beat up the Animals along with Sanders turning. Who the fuck can tell anymore with this company. *3/4

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Rey and Juvi are the new tag team champions having defeated the Great Muta and Vampiro for the belts on Nitro. Mike Sanders is with the Filthy Animals as some sort of acquaintance of Disco’s and joins in with their catchphrases, although Konan is not too keen that this “j-brone” is rocking the mic. We get a brief recap of the past two weeks of Nitro where Jindrak and O’Haire have aligned themselves with Shawn Stasiak, Chuck Palumbo and Reno, so this is the start of the ‘Natural Born Thrillers’ faction. Jindrak and O’Haire with this awesome super high beel on Juvi where he gets ridiculous elevation. Rey takes it to O’Haire until he gets caught with a scoop powerslam. A miscommunication sees him accidentally drill Jindrak with a right hand and Rey takes him off his feet with a spinning heel kick. Springboard missile dropkick and Jindrak is in to break up the pin. Wheelbarrow into a bulldog /springboard leg drop to the back of the neck double team on Jindrak and now O’Haire is the one putting a stop to the count. All four men are in the ring and after a double leap frog, Jindrak with a tilt-a-whirl slam on Rey. O’Haire blocks a monkey flip and dumps Juvi overhead over the top rope to the outside. Rey and Jindrak botch a spot before he plants Misterio with a powerbomb and O’Haire comes off the top with the ‘Seanton bomb’. Disco is up on the apron trying to distract the official, when Sanders pulls him down to the floor. Konan leaves the commentary table to find out what he’s playing at but the ‘Above Average’ one maces him in the eyes. Reno and Palumbo have joined Jindrak and O’Haire and the five of them put a beating on the Filthy Animals (who won the match by DQ) as the future ‘Natural Born Thriller’s have added another member to their group.


Rey and Juvi are the perfect opponents for these two as with their size they can be tossed around with ease and make Jindrak and O’Haire look impressive as hell. Some fun stuff in here, but the match was there as a set up for the Sanders turn and him joining the Thrillers. Not watching everything, it would be interesting to know whether ‘Above Average’ Mike had been with the Filthy Animals prior to this or whether it was his first appearance. If it was the latter then it does kinda telegraph things, especially after those clips that aired prior to the match of the previous two weeks of Nitro. Jindrak continues to look green and blew at least two spots here.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-16-WCW-Thunder] Rey Mysterio Jr & Juventud Guerrera vs Mark Jindrak & Sean O'Haire

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