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[2000-08-19-WCW-Worldwide] Rey Mysterio Jr & Juventud Guerrera & Disco Inferno vs Jung Dragons


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KDawg on commentary and the Animals pre match promo. That’s Enough. Can these guys just have a straight series of matches that build a story that is not absurd? The heat here is rocking and Juvy/Rey are doing great combo moves. Notice the crowd getting much more quiet when Disco tags in. He does garner at least a disco sucks chant. Dive train was a lot of fun and culminated with Noble hitting the somersault flip from the top. KDawg calls the old guys in the promotion the travelling wax museum. Ok that was a good line. K Dawg is also giving credit to the Animals. What the hell is happening. Springboard legdrop from Juvy gets broken up by Kaz. Kaz does a 3 Stooges eye poke which gets a laugh. Yang gets hit with the chartbuster and Rey finishes the match off with the legdrop to the lower region. This was a fun day for wrestling tv. Good match here. *** (6.2)

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Same old spiel on the mic from the Filthy Animals. Rey with a Lucha wheelbarrow arm drag on Jamie-san. He goes for a leap frog but Jamie catches and drives him to the mat with a powerbomb for two. Snap suplex that he transitions into a Northern Lights for another near fall. Great flying headscissors by Juvi on Hayashi and the crowd are loving ‘the Juice’. Standing huracanrana from Kaz which leads to Konan giving us a history lesson about how the move is named after Huracan Ramirez who invented it back in 1940. Disco misses an elbow drop and Yang unloads with some rapid fire punches to the chest. A spinning heel kick takes them both over the top rope to the outside, and that’s the start of a dive train sequence, ending with a Noble springboard flip dive onto everyone. Combination missile dropkick/slingshot DDT by the Dragons on Disco and Juvi is in to break up the pin. As Yang runs the ropes, Rey trips him from the floor and Juvi with a springboard leg drop to the back of his neck. Kaz dives over the double clothesline and Yang, who’s now back to his feet, with a Three Stooges double poke to the eye. Yang whips Kaz at Rey, however he backdrops him over the top and out onto Jamie-san. ‘Chartbuster’ by Disco, Rey with the top rope leg drop to the groin and the Animals get the win.


Good fast paced match. Disco sucks, but Rey, and especially Juvi, are over big time with the crowd. The Dragons continue to be an enjoyable trio and deserve way better than what they get.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-19-WCW-Worldwide] Rey Mysterio Jr & Juventud Guerrera & Disco Inferno vs Jung Dragons

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