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[2000-08-20-ECW-Hardcore TV] Julio Dinero & E.Z. Money vs Christian York & Joey Matthews vs Super Nova & Chris Chetti


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ECW’s announcer really annoys me with the way he goes overboard on every ring name. I like the ECW undercard but this was really spot fu and some of the spots didn’t hit well which is critical for a match like this. Something about Chetti just feels so generic. Chetti/Nova do hit a splash/legdrop combo on the top to eliminate York/Matthews. The crowd chants for someone to show their tits. After a bit of back and forth between Hot Commodity and Nova/Chetti, Hamrick interferes and Dinero hits a clothesline for the win. We learn after the break that Lou E has challenged Billy Corgan *1/4

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-20-ECW-Hardcore TV] Julio Dinero & E.Z. Money vs Christian York & Joey Matthews vs Super Nova & Chris Chetti
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Things are a bit all over the shop at first with bodies flying everywhere.  York & Matthews hit their double hip toss powerbomb on Dinero and Chetti with a standing side kick to Money.  Hot Commodity take a breather on the floor, letting the other teams go at it while they wait for an opportune time to get back involved.  Spinning superkick by Dinero, although not sure how much of it actually connects.  Double superkick on Matthews.  E.Z. with a standing moonsault and Chetti breaks up the cover.  Basement dropkick to the face of Money by York and Chetti again breaks up the pin attempt.  Is he even aware of the rules???  Matthews just about hangs on to the flying headscissors before York and he land a pair of dives to the outside.  Nova and Money work together for a double team DDT, Chetti with the ‘Amityville Horror’ after a ‘Tidal Wave’ York & Matthews are out of there.  Money cracks Nova over the head with a chair but he kicks out of the cover.  Hot Commodity telegraph the double backdrop, reverse DDT on E.Z., Nova then gets to his feet, still holding on, and hits a second while at the same time spiking Dinero with a regular DDT.  He and Chetti head upstairs for the ‘Tidal Wave’ when Chris Hamrick shoves the two of them off.  Slingshot somersault clothesline by Money on Nova and Hot Commodity pick up the win.

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