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[2000-08-20-ECW-Hardcore TV] Jerry Lynn vs Chris Hamrick


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This was segued from the previous match with Lynn saving the beat down commencing on Chetti and Nova. Hamrick takes a sick bump a minute in with a backdrop right to the concrete. Once Hamrick takes advantage, he hits a huge legdrop. Hamrick gets crotched multiple times and takes a neat bump off of the Cradle Piledriver. Essentially a squash but Hamrick is always entertaining in those situations. *1/2

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We return from a commercial break and Hot Commodity are still in the ring putting the boots to Nova following the previous match.  Jerry Lynn makes the save and after he and Nova take out Money and Dinero, the referee calls for the bell and we have an impromptu match between himself and Chris Hamrick.  Huge backdrop sends Hamrick over the top rope to the outside.  Cannonball off the apron to the concrete.  Back inside Lynn gets a couple of near falls before a low blow back kick by Hamrick forces the escape from the waistlock.  Big time leg drop off the top and a flying elbow, both only getting a two.  Lynn reverses the Irish whip and an inverted atomic drop leaves Hamrick walking gingerly.  He whips him into the turnbuckle and as he tries to slide out the ring to the floor, only ends up sliding groin first into the ring post.  Cradle piledriver and this one’s over.

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