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[2000-08-21-WWF-Raw] Perry Saturn vs Chris Jericho


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JR says he is full as a tick eating a lot of catfish. My father in law literally says he is full as a tick after every meal. Saturn in WWE is weird as I don’t think he looked bad here for all of the two minutes it lasted and he was associated with Terri but he just didn’t seem to fit anywhere. Benoit runs in and again him and Jericho have a violent pull apart. I really want to see this carry over to the SummerSlam match. After the break, we get a clip of Angle and HHH arguing over who can show Steph the better full nelson. ½*

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This was actually a fun sprint for the couple minutes it lasts. Saturn indeed has no heat and I hate Jericho's faceplant bulldog but Saturn busted out a nice flapjack move and catches Jericho with a bridging suplex off a Lionsault attempt. His running gutbuster into the buckles was nasty too.



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JR can’t wait for Summerslam, thinking that Jericho and Benoit will produce a 2/3 fall classic.  We get a quick clip of Chris Benoit vs Steve Blackman from Smackdown where Y2J waffled Benoit with a horrific chair shot to the back of the head while he hand ‘the Lethal Weapon’ locked in the crossface.  Jerry Lawler seems more concerned that there is no Terri for him to perv over as opposed to the match.  Good aggressiveness from Saturn as he hammers away on Jericho in the corner.  A very nice flapjack where he catches Y2J on his shoulders as he attempts a leapfrog and then pancakes him to the mat.  Jericho ducks the clothesline and levels Saturn with a flying forearm (taking a spin bump off it in the process).  Lionsault, but Saturn is right on him, snatching Jericho from behind as he leaps to the ropes and hitting a belly to back suplex for a two.  Y2J blocks the superplex firing back on Saturn, reverse elbow off the top and here’s Benoit looking for some payback after what happened on Smackdown.  The ref calls for the bell disqualifying Saturn due to the interference, before the WWF officials do their usual lousy job in trying to separate the wrestlers.  Just as it looks like order has been restored and they’re dragging Benoit away, Jericho with a suicide dive over the top rope onto ‘the Crippler’ and wiping out a bunch of the officials too.

A strong ninety seconds or so of action, before the Benoit interference, with Saturn looking great in everything he did and also highly motivated by getting to work with one of the top guys again for a change.  Awesome dive by Jericho at the end out on to ‘the Crippler’ and all the officials.

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