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[1995-03-19-Steel City Wrestling] Dan Severn vs Benson Lee

Phil Schneider

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I am questioning the legitimacy of that Benson Lee black belt, his karate looked very Eric Bischoffish. My god though 2 minute Dan Severn maulings are my new favorite thing in wrestling, it is like watching Youtube clips of Tyson fights. When Severn catches Lee's kick and rips down on it, it looked like it should have shattered Lee's knee cap. If I was Lee I would have rolled out of the ring, walked straight to my Toyota Tercel and driven home. Lee's little Dragon sleeper was cute, but Severn countering that with the worlds most violent snap mare right into a gutwrench suplex was awesome. Call the EMTs.

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A ‘strong style match’ meaning the only way you can win is by submission or knock out.  Benson Lee is announced as a black belt in some Martial Art that I have never heard of and is giving away a noticeable size advantage against ‘the Beast’.  Lee throws some kicks to Severn’s thigh which look pretty bad and I’m doubting that he’s a black belt in anything!  Severn gets a hold and launches him with a great amateur style overhead suplex, however Lee scrambles to the ropes before he can lock in the rear naked choke.  A kick to the bread basket stuns ‘the Beast’ as he’s bought to his knees following a flurry of quick fire kicks.  Dragon sleeper attempt, but Severn flips him over.  Gut wrench suplex, he slaps on a cross arm bar and Lee taps.

Severn suplexing and throwing Lee about was great but that’s about all there is to this.

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