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[2017-09-24-WWE-No Mercy] Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt

Superstar Sleeze

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I am in shock. A truly great Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt match. I literally had Hashimoto vs Fujiwara running once I saw this was coming on. The last two (remember they had one in Boston RAW) were so bland. I'm a mark for a heel beatdown before a match. Then something Happened that I have never seen true, red hot fire from Balor! His selling was great, a great shine and the hope spots were well-timed and rousing. I have no problem with Bray the worker (the character is the drizzling shits). Bray looked awesome kicking ass in this match. The clothesline and suplex slams were awesome! Balors dropkicks to the finish were hot. Shockingly great match between two usually very sterile workers. ****

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While I might not go as high as you have on the match, in doing some WWE PPV catch up watching at the weekend I watched this and was really pleasantly surprised. The buildup/storyline might be dreadful and nonsensical and an easy FF when watching RAW, but taking that away, and viewing this as just a match in isolation I thought it was really good. As discussed, I loved the beatdown before the bell and then thought Finn showed great fire and intensity in his comebacks. Bray the character died for me years ago, but I've always enjoyed him in ring, as he works a very different, physical style to other workers and they worked the size dynamic nicely. I think since his return, while he hasn't much buzz or memorable feuds, Balor has been really good and should definitely be being uterlised more.

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