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[1992-08-17-JWP] Bolshoi Kid vs Plum Mariko


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This was a really good studio match between two talented young workers. Hell knows why, but for some reason they got a lot things right that many other joshi matches get wrong. It may be just my imagination. The thing I liked most about this bout was that it was basically a primitive approximation of a lucha title match. They start it very mat based and build nicely from simple holds into submission nearfalls. Then Bolshoi Kid was working like one of the stranger luchadores - think Matematico, or maybe Super Astro, doing all these funny clown moves that work really well for an eccentric technical wrestler. Mariko shows her colors when it's time to drop bombs and she dishes out some big suplexes with a lot of snap. Really good sequences where Mariko gains the upperhand and lands a series of big dives, but gets caught with a piledriver on the floor. Mariko actually sells the floor piledriver a good deal allowing Bolshoi to get some nearfalls over her at this point much more established opponent. Quality match, proof Bolshoi could really go and Mariko too.

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