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[2000-08-26-MCW-TV] American Dragon vs Reckless Youth


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Dragon gives a horrendous promo. He calls Youth a chia pet. I appreciate them allowing Dragon to spread his wings a bit with more action. This gets 7 minutes which hit the sweet spot in showing more of his arsenal. He takes the fight to Youth throughout most of the match and Dragon retreats to the role of slimey heel backing down. Some of the suplexes and dives to the outside looked particularly well. Finish was good with Youth faking being hit with a chair and Dragon getting DQ’d. **3/4

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A god awful promo from Dragon where he talks as is he’s almost a real life superhero (“I am the American Dragon and I am from America!”). Ronnie James is back to provide more guest commentary for this match. Some cool counters and reversals by both off the wristlock. Dragon with a dropkick, he goes to kick Reckless in the chest, however Youth catches the leg only for Dragon to do what amounts to an arm drag with that trapped foot. Fujiwara armbar but Reckless rolls through to escape. Headscissors takedown by Youth, he doesn’t follow up though, preferring to blow kisses at James! When he does, Dragon backdrops him over the top rope to the floor. Pescado, Dragon throws him back into the ring but now he’s the one not following up and is posturing to the crowd. As he steps back in himself, Reckless kicks the middle rope up. Springboard missile dropkick, Youth then slaps on an abdominal stretch, pushing Dragon’s head down while again blowing kisses in James’ direction. Danielson ducks under the clothesline before shoving Reckless chest first into the corner and unloading with forearms and martial arts kicks. He sits him on the middle turnbuckle, but Reckless blocks the superplex and hits a face first suplex instead. Knee drop off the top to the back of the head. Dragon reverses the go behind, floats over after the Northern Lights and a beautiful bridging fallaway slam into a pin for a two count. Reckless throws Dragon into referee Charlie Miller and James decides to leave the commentary booth and head down to ringside. He throws a steel chair to Reckless, who in turn throws it to Dragon, chops the chair and falls down clutching at his head. Miller comes around to see Dragon with the chair, whilst at the same time Youth is claiming that he hit him with it. Charlie Miller is clearly not a good judge as he disqualifies Dragon on the back of Reckless’ words. Youth sprints off before he can change his mind, making sure to get a cheap shot in on James as he’s trying to explain what happened.


If they are trying to turn Dragon into a superhero then they need to quit that idea pronto. Good match and whilst I haven’t been a fan of that finish when I’ve seen it before (see Punk vs Cabana), it fitted perfectly into Reckless’ character. I don’t know why James threw the chair at him though? The only thing I can think of is that he was ‘meant’ to throw it for Dragon to use and Reckless intercepted, but it was done so badly that it looked like he threw it deliberately at Youth. I did like the way that Reckless also chopped the chair to make the sound of him being hit with it.

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This was good stuff. And honestly, I thought Reckless Youth looked like the better hand here. Dragon's character/promo is in some weird nether region between trying way too hard while being kind of earnest and kind of tongue-in-cheek and it doesn't really land. Reckless feeds into Dragon's offense really well and this is a match where it seems like Dragon has a lot he wants to do and Reckless is the one kind of keeping it more cohesive. Reckless works focused and true to his character, pausing to jaw with fans, cutting off Dragon and then taking Dragon's comebacks well too. Dragon is fine here but this seems like one of those moments where his ambition is a little beyond what he can comfortably execute. Personally I thought both the ref bump and screwy finish came across clunky but the result was a smart one.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-26-MCW-TV] American Dragon vs Reckless Youth

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