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[2000-08-26-MCW-TV] Steven Regal vs Joey Abs


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These two go after each other hard for the five minutes. Regal has so many neat little moves he can utilize like how he smoothly gets a drop toe hold here. Regal locks on the Regal Stretch but Abs fights and reaches the ropes. The Posse comes out to attack Abs but he puts them down and then does his powerbomb variation finisher to Regal to become the new Southern Heavyweight Champion. *3/4

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A bunch of flash pin attempts from Abs right from the onset. Regal lays in those uppercuts before grabbing a rear chinlock whilst at the same time crossfacing him across the bridge of the nose. Kicks to the ribs, forearms to the side of the face and Regal is mixing up his offensive strikes. Abs ducks under a clothesline and a roll up for a one count. Leg scissors back heel trip, and Regal is right back on his opponent. Front chancery with Regal resting his foot over the middle rope to apply added pressure. Rolling senton followed by the ‘Regal stretch’. It looks like Abs taps, although he can’t have as the match continues. He manages to power and slowly inch his way to the ropes for the break, as the commentators put it over huge that he was able to do that. Regal unloads with more forearms, but Abs has caught a second wind and fires back with some of his own. The Mean Street Posse are out and Rodney grabs the official’s leg to distract him. Pete Gas’ interference fails miserably as Abs sees him coming and levels him with a sideslam. He takes out Rodney, ‘Splash Mountain’ on Regal and we have a new MCW Southern Heavyweight champion.


Seeing him without his sweater on you realise what a big, thick due Joey Abs is. I’m guessing that this is Regal’s swansong before heading full time to the WWF. Although the commentators put over the title change and that he escaped the ‘Regal stretch’, Abs didn’t show much at all, and from this match you can kinda see why he never made it back to the main roster. At times it did feel like a Regal ‘painting by numbers’ match, in the sense you knew what was coming next, but I’ll take Regal ‘painting by numbers’ over a lot that I’ve watched this year.

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I dug Abs and his urgency early on, really liked the pace they were going at. As the match went on, I enjoyed the output of Abs less but really liked the nasty little moves Regal would utilize on offense. His cutoffs were nice and he really kept things going along here. Abs shakes off interference from his former friends and wins with his finish. This was fine.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-26-MCW-TV] Steven Regal vs Joey Abs

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