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[2000-08-26-MPPW-TV] Spellbinder vs Derrick King vs Blade Boudreaux vs Alan Steel vs Austin Rhodes vs Bulldog Raines vs Slash vs Khan vs Rob Harlem vs Deon Harlem vs Charlie Laird vs Jet Logan vs Wild Bill (Elimination)


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Power Pro counteracts MCW by having a 14 man elimination match where the winner gets their dream match. Regulators have some swank Braves jerseys on. Dave and Corey do a good job throughout the action in stating what each person would pick as their dream match. Charlie Laird is a pretty good worker with Derrick King here. The regulators get a lot of rub here as Dion sprays something in Spellbinder’s eyes and eliminates him which surprises me. Slash is in now and still is doing his violent act but going against heels. Corey keeps calling him Wolfie. Slash is able to beat Dion and it is down to him and Bulldog Raines. Bulldog doesn’t look awful either with his power moves. Slash is able to use his shin guard to win and it looks like we are headed to a Spellbinder loser leaves town match. Entertaining to see all of the Power Pro guys mix it up. **

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A big old elimination match to kick off this episode of Power Pro Wrestling, where the winner gets their dream match later in the show. Dave and Corey keep referring to this as a ‘14 man elimination’, although I only count 13 so it looks like someone no showed. The first guy eliminated isn’t even named and is pinned after a bog standard suplex by Rob Harlem. From this point on the eliminations come thick and fast as they look to try and whittle the numbers down. Raines gets a pin on Logan following a big slam, Wild Bill clocks Boudreaux with his cow bell, facebuster by DK on Laird, Khan makes King submit to the ‘Oriental spike’ after Slash had moments earlier pulled down the top rope sending him careering over it to the floor, Wild Bill runs into the boot of Raines and an Alan Steel splash off the top eliminates him, Steel makes it two with an inside cradle on Rob Harlem, before Slash’s ‘Rude Awakening’ takes out ‘All That’ and we’re down to our final five. Slash’s interference backfires badly as he goes to hit Raines, but misses and nails Khan instead. Bulldog with that big slam he used on Logan, Slash looks to drop an elbow to break up the pin, though Raines sees him coming and he lands on Khan. A huge right sends Slash over the top to the outside before covering Khan and he is out of there. Spellbinder finally decides to get involved in proceedings but lasts a monumental twenty three seconds, looking strong against Deon, until Slash sprays something in his eyes and the Regulator schoolboys him. Slash with the ‘Rude Awakening’ on Deon and he gets the victory, walloping Raines with his shin guard and also earning his ‘dream match’ where he will team alongside Khan in a handicap bout against the Spellbinder for the PPW title.


I don’t know what to make of this one, the match didn’t drag and I wasn’t bored, but at the same time there was nothing overly memorable. Those early eliminations were so quick too that some of the wrestlers didn’t get much of a chance to show anything. Even though Slash got the win, Bulldog Raines (the former Aristocrat) was pushed hard in the match, although he’s not the guy you want in the upper card of your promotion. Charlie Laird and Derrick King and then Rob Harlem and Alan Steel both had nice exchanges when they were in with each other. Still no Brandon Baxter mind with The Regulators being managed by this character called ‘Slick Rick’.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-26-MPPW-TV] Spellbinder vs Derrick King vs Blade Boudreaux vs Alan Steel vs Austin Rhodes vs Bulldog Raines vs Slash vs Khan vs Rob Harlem vs Deon Harlem vs Charlie Laird vs Jet Logan vs Wild Bill (Elimination)

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