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[2000-08-27-WWF-Summerslam] Shane McMahon vs Steve Blackman


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This match is usually held up as a good match but I thought it was pretty much a waste until the big Shane spot. The opening is Shane running around until Blackmon stalks him down and we get some trash can shots and other generic WWF hardcore action. The strap is used by Blackmon and we get some embarrassing comments on the worthwhileness of child rearing. Shane is a heel because he went to a psychologist to talk out his problems. Then, T&A runs in to help Shane and this becomes a glorified handicap match. Shane was really building up a neat faction with E&C, Angle, Benoit, Big Show but not we have T&A as his helpers. JR on commentary does regain his composure by mentioning how odd it is that Test and Shane are on the same page. The big Shane bump is impressive from a height and risk standpoint even with the foam landing pit. I do think it is kind of odd to have this match and huge bump happen two matches before the TLC match which would also be filled with insane bumps. Overall, I think this match can be condensed into a 10 second gif of Shane falling. The match itself was nothing. *1/2

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Shane is the new Hardcore champion, having taken advantage of the ’24-7’ rule on Raw last Monday and getting a pin on Steve Blackman; a rule that was later suspended by Commissioner Foley so that Shane couldn’t worm his way out of this rematch.  It looks like he wants to part of Blackman here, so the ‘Lethal Weapon’ throws him his own kendo stick and turns his back on him giving him the first shot.  Somehow Shane O’ doesn’t realise that he’s watching on the big screen and when he swings Blackman is ready for him.  McMahon takes off and Blackman follows him into the crowd where he clobbers him over the head with a garbage can.  This is like your stereotypical ECW match where they fight amongst the fans.  Blackman with a karate kick off the barricade.  They return to the ring and he places a bin over Shane’s head which he plays a tune on it with his martial arts sticks.  He hog ties Shane with a leather strap, choking him with it at the same time, when out runs Test & Albert to help Shane O’.  ‘Baldo bomb’ by Albert and they then place a trash can lid over Blackman’s face which Test drops an elbow onto off the top rope.  T&A pick ‘the Lethal Weapon’ up so Shane can pepper him with punches, but he spends too long dancing and when he grabs that lid to use, Blackman kicks it into Shane’s own face.  He tries to free himself from T&A’s grasp but this is essentially a handicap match now.  Shane wallops Blackman over the head with a sign and then uses that strap to drag him to the back of the arena.  Test and he go to push a speaker on top of him but he moves out the way.  Fortunately, as according to ‘the King’ it weighs over 1,000lbs!  Albert accidentally nails Test with the kendo stick, Blackman snatches it away and then lays into T&A.  Shane tries to escape, although for some reason thinks the best way to escape is by climbing the scaffold/rigging.  Blackman follows him up and when Shane gets to the top there’s only one place to go.  The ‘Lethal Weapon’ continues to crack him with the kendo stick until Shane falls from the scaffold to the (padded) floor.  JR says that’s a 50ft drop (later exaggerated to 70ft) which I think isn’t that far off.  Blackman climbs about half way down, flying elbow and he regains the Hardcore title.  They replay the hell out of that fall as Shane is carted off on a stretcher.

This is all about the fall as the rest of the match is just your generic hardcore action, hitting each other with weapons etc. and is actually fairly dull.  I’m guessing that all of Shane’s other charges/friends were either busy or concerned with their own matches so that’s why we had T&A coming to his rescue.

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