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[2000-08-28-FMW-Super Dynamism] Mr Gannosuke vs Hayabusa


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After Jinsei Shinzaki makes an appearance, he gets beat up by Kanemura, GOEMON and Gannosuke. Hayabusa makes the save and the match is on. Gannosuke dominates a large chunk on the match. He beats up Hayabusa inside the ring in a methodical but devious way and then throws him outside for the sharks that are Kanemura and GOEMON to get some shots in. Gannosuke is such a great heel and it plays to a natural story of creating sympathy for Hayabusa. Busa is able to get in a stiff kick and rana sending Gannosuke to the outside but he misses the dive and Gannosuke remains on the attack outside the ring. An asai moonsault from Busa helps take out GOEMON and he punches Kanemura. Busa then does the running tope over the ringpost onto Gannosuke. Busa goes through his full arsenal inside including a Tiger Suplex and 450. Fuyuki comes in and runs interference and Gannosuke spikes him for a nearfall. Does Busa have no friends besides Jinsei? That is kind of the story told here. Jinsei runs back out bandage and all and now he provides interference attacking Gannosuke and his friends. Falcon arrow from Busa gets a close nearfall and then Busa wins with the Emerald Flowsion. A lot of interference but a simple story told well with Busa and his buddy Jinsei overcoming the evil faction. I enjoyed this and its simplicity in a way. ***1/2 (6.8)

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I quite liked this. Gannosuke is more than competent in keeping a control segment interesting and the outside interference, if nothing else, offers some variety to the body of the match. Hayabusa is just so dynamic and explosive on offense with such a huge bag of tricks to pull from. This really went kind of overboard with the amount of crazy moves done to each other in the finish run but they implemented the interference well and it helped keep the pace way up. As far as high-impact battles that are visually pleasing, this is a good one.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-28-FMW-Super Dynamism] Mr Gannosuke vs Hayabusa

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