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[2000-08-28-WCW-Nitro] Sting vs Great Muta


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One of the more classic rivalries that put both of these guys on the map has resulted into this. They never even get into the ring and have some awful brawling on the entranceway that just leads to the big angle. Vampiro and ICP rip through the Nitro screen silhouette so who knows how much that cost. The effects are awful as smoke is supposed to blind Sting but they go off too late. They drag Sting up and beat him up. Pure shit. We go to the desert where Goldberg is going to bury Russo. Bret Hart shows up and reminds him of Survivor Series and Montreal. It is a swerve as Bret hits Goldberg with the shovel and Nitro goes off the air with Tony proclaiming the band is back together. Fuck this. ¼*

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Tony Schiavone talks about seeing these two go at it in the Tokyo Dome back in 1991, while Madden says how their rivalry goes back a few years before that to their time in WCW. Muta goes to meet Sting in the aisle and they kick, punch and walk their way around ringside with nothing of note happening bar Muta taking a bump on the metal ramp way off a clothesline. They get back to where they started in the aisle, and Vampiro is up on the scaffold above the entrance having torn through the Nitrovision screen. Some smoke goes off, supposedly to blind Sting, and Vamp leaps from the scaffold nailing him with a kendo stick. He blasts Sting a few more times more with it until he makes a comeback on them both. ‘The Stinger’ follows Vampiro back up the scaffold, but from behind the Nitrovision comes the Insane Clown Posse who pull him through it. The ‘Dark Carnival’ then beat on Sting till we leave to find out what’s going on with Bill Goldberg and Vince Russo.


The two of them are in the desert where Goldberg is standing over an unconscious Russo when Bret Hart pulls up in his car. Bret says that he couldn’t let Goldberg do this all by himself and no-one hates Russo more than him “remember Montreal?” Christ, get over Montreal Vinnie Ru! Bret acts like he’s going to help Goldberg dig a hole to put Russo in, when he turns on him, hitting him over the back with a shovel before telling him how he likes to end careers too.


This was complete and utter garbage, both the Sting/Muta non-match and the crap with Russo, Goldberg and Bret that followed. I don’t have the heart or energy to go on about constant turns in WCW, how did Bret even know where they were, the fixation on Montreal etc.

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