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[2000-08-28-WWF-Raw] Chris Jericho & The Acolytes vs Test & Albert & Chris Benoit


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Trish is still with T&A so I don’t know exactly why they were so giddy to help Shane last night. Jericho meets Benoit on the stage and we get a pier six to start out. The match itself is good and the Acolytes continue to improve as a team especially Bradshaw who throws a hellacious boot to set up the Jericho pinfall. T&A is on the downswing and Benoit/Jericho look to be a feud that will continue. *1/2

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-28-WWF-Raw] Chris Jericho & The Acolytes vs Test & Albert & Chris Benoit
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Lillian Garcia doesn’t even get a chance to introduce Chris Benoit, Y2J sprinting down the ramp way to get his hands on him as he’s barely made it through the curtain.  Jericho slams ‘the Crippler’ into the ring steps and then tosses him into the ring.  Missile dropkick off the middle although Jericho doesn’t go for the cover, preferring to dish out more punishment.  Double underhook backbreaker.  As Y2J hits the ropes Test knees him in the back, the brief distraction allowing Benoit to catch him with a shoulder tackle to the mid-section.  Test makes his first legal entrance into the match however is caught with a drop toe hold as he charges at Y2J.  Jericho tags Faarooq who gets a near fall after a powerslam.  Double spinebuster by the Acolytes.  The backdrop is telegraphed and Test with a pretty shoddy looking spinning neckbreaker.  Big running lariat in the corner by Bradshaw who then continues to unload on Test.  As referee Tim White has a word with Faarooq on the apron, Albert seizes the opportunity to turn the bout in his team’s favour, making a Bradshaw sandwich, squashing him between himself and his partner.  Bradshaw ducks the clothesline and takes Albert off his feet with a flying shoulder tackle.  Tag to Faarooq, but Jericho enters the ring too as it looks like the match has broken down.  Albert catches Y2J in mid-air as he goes for a flying forearm, manoeuvres him onto his shoulders and then lands an F5.  Great near fall with Jericho barely kicking out.  Trish is up on the apron complaining to White about his count and as Albert military presses Jericho over head, Bradshaw with an almighty big boot to the face as Y2J falls down on top of him.  One Lionsault later and that’s all she wrote.

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