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[2000-08-28-WWF-Raw] HHH vs Eddy Guerrero


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HHH is waiting on Stephanie and confers with both X-Pac and Road Dogg about it. Angle arrives and cuts a promo furthering the feud with HHH. Angle kind of stumbles over himself a few times here but the highpoints are still there. HHH comes out and says what he will do to Kurt tonight will be criminal and more of a concussion if he doesn’t tell him where his wife is. Again, HHH is playing this role great as a disgruntled husband that is positioned as a face by default but still not exactly a face in practice. Angle hypothesizes that maybe Stephanie hasn’t contacted HHH because she is scared of him. HHH shoves Angle through the ropes and outside of the ring. We get a quick backstage vignette where Chyna says she is starting to feel sorry for Hunter. Cole catches up with Angle and he reiterates that he doesn’t remember last night except being in a hotel lobby and room with Stephanie. Chyna offers some consolation to HHH in his room when Eddy comes in and now he is pissed. Eddy tells HHH that is his Mommy. Angle props Eddy up and tells him to take it out on HHH. Angle needles Eddy about the past relationship between Chyna and HHH. Besides a Raw match in 2004, this is the only time these two had a singles match and they only interacted in a match period less than five times. Action is fun for three minutes with Eddy almost wiping out on a rana but recovering at the last moment. Angle runs in and hits both with a chair before being chased away by Chyna. Chyna checks on both men as Angle smirks from afar. *

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Triple H is pacing about outside the building waiting for Stephanie to arrive as he hasn’t seen her since yesterday.  X-Pac makes light of the situation cracking a joke about her being in “good hands”, while Road Dogg is a bit more sympathetic thinking that it’ll work itself out.  On hearing Kurt Angle’s entrance music HHH sets off into the arena to get some answer from him convinced that he knows something. 

Jim Ross mentions that Kurt was released from the hospital earlier this morning after suffering a concussion at the hands of Triple H at Summerslam.  With Stephanie still nowhere to be seen, as Angle makes his way down the aisle, JR and ‘the King’ start to speculate that maybe she spent the night with him after all.  Kurt says that due to the concussion there are a lot of things that he doesn’t remember about last night; he does know that Hunter struck his wife in the middle of the ring though and then got his butt kicked by the Rock!  He’s been told that he came out to help Stephanie, to take her away from any further brutality, and bought her to safety to seek medical treatment, although that is all he knows.  HHH has always been a shady character in his book and what he did to a poor innocent girl like Stephanie is borderline criminal!  He makes a lousy WWF champion and an even lousier husband!  That brings ‘the Game’ out and he informs Kurt that he didn’t ‘get’ a concussion last night, he gave him one, and wants to know where his wife is.  Kurt tells him, like he told everyone else, that he doesn’t have a clue about last night and certainly doesn’t know where his wife is (although the smirk on his face implies otherwise).  JR and Lawler question whether he’s telling the truth while HHH isn’t buying it at all, saying how he’s the ‘King of the Underhand’ and wants some answers before he beats his ass!  Angle reiterates that what he’s saying is the truth and tells Hunter that maybe Stephanie hasn’t contacted him because she’s scared of him, doesn’t trust him and when he hit her in the head it knocked some sense into her!  On hearing that Triple H gives him a shove sending him flying through the ropes to the floor.  Kurt’s ready for a fight but they’re both held back by officials.  The camera cuts to Eddy Guerrero and Chyna watching backstage and Chyna says that she sort of feels sorry for Hunter.  Eddy can’t see why as he doesn’t know how to treat a lady, can’t be trusted and all she should be worried about is the Intercontinental title.

Michael Cole questions Angle in the dressing room, not really believing that he doesn’t really remember anything about last night.  Kurt again says how he had a concussion, but suddenly recalls being in the hotel lobby with Stephanie.  He goes on to mention Room 814, his room, before correcting himself and saying it was in fact Stephanie’s room.

Chyna goes to check on Triple H who is concerned that his marriage is falling apart with this whole Kurt Angle situation.  She tells him that relationships are tough and that it’s all about trust as without that you have nothing.  The reason she and Eddy work is because they love each other, support each other and trust each other, and says to just give her a chance and everything will work out fine.  He thanks her with a hug when in walks Eddy.  It turns out he isn’t so trusting after all, shoving Hunter and dragging Chyna away.

Eddy is still hot over what he saw, punching locker room doors, when he’s approached by Angle.  Kurt does his best to stir the situation some more, pushing Eddy’s buttons and telling him to fight for his woman as guys like Triple H need to be taught a lesson. 

Chyna tries to talk Eddy out of the match saying that it’s stupid, but he says he’s got to take care of it ‘man on man’ and tells her to stay here.

There’s quite the size difference between these two when you see them in the ring together.  Head scissors take down by Eddy followed by a clothesline and he’s got ‘the Game’ reeling.  Despite being advised to stay in the back, Chyna can’t help but watch on from one of the monitors as a pair of European uppercuts drop HHH.  Hunter reverses the Irish whip and Eddy runs into a high knee.  After a vertical suplex, Triple H drops a knee across the forehead with Jim Ross saying how it’s obvious that he’s taking out his aggression that should be directed at Kurt Angle on Eddy.  Huracanrana by Eddy who starts to fire back.  Tornado DDT lands and Eddy then heads upstairs for the frog splash.  HHH manages to avoid it, but he moved early enough that Eddy was able to roll through before fully executing.  As Guerrero charges, ‘the Game’ elevates him up and over into the turnbuckles.  He sets him for the ‘pedigree’ when out runs Kurt Angle who blasts him over the head with a chair for the DQ.  Angle nails Eddy too but scarpers when he sees Chyna running down the aisle.  Chyna is equally concerned about both men while JR is certain that Kurt knows more than he is letting on.

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