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[2000-08-31-AWF] 2 Cold Scorpio vs Psicosis (2/3 falls)


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Interesting matchup on paper and where I thought they may mail it in, they did anything but. Opening is good mat work that continually progresses throughout the fall with tempers flaring a bit and both men opening up. Scorpio hits his finishing sequence so cleanly to the appreciation of the audience and that wins him the first fall. Next two falls lack the same oomph that the first one did and was more of a touring indie variety with Psicosis winning two straight. Both men put over each other at the end. I wish this would have just been a single fall as it went from impressing me to overall slotting in around what I expected. *** (6.2)

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Yeah this looked to be building to something really nice and kind of sputtered the longer it went. Both guys brought it but this was kind of hurt too by the lack of a clear face and heel. Scorpio was not afraid to get aggressive in the first fall and threw a great punch to keep Psicosis down so I thought maybe they would go with that and then suddenly Psicosis is blatantly working ref spots and using low blows to outright cheat. From there it kind of settles into Scorpio working over Psicosis with him finding ways out and hitting his crowd pleasing spots. They both brought a lot to the table and this was mostly executed really well outside of feeling a tad aimless. But good stuff nonetheless.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-31-AWF] 2 Cold Scorpio vs Psicosis (2/3 falls)

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