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[2000-09-02-MCW-TV] American Dragon vs Robbie Brookside


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Brookside vs Dragon sounds intriguing on paper and they crammed a lot into the three minute match. This reminded me of the Dragon matches from a month ago before he started doing some 7-8 minute stuff the past couple of weeks. Brookside brings a different flavor and is heelish here which is a contrast to what I am familiar with. USA chant even breaks out towards the end for Dragon. Finish sees Dragon kicking out of a Northern Lights suplex and Dragon doing a British style nifty roll up for the win. *1/2

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David Jett and Kevin Kelly give us a bit of background on Brookside, explaining that he’s someone who has competed all over the world. Dragon whips him into the ropes but misses the dropkick as Robbie holds on to them. Brookside grapevines the leg, whilst at the same time locking on something resembling a guillotine choke for a submission attempt. Dragon is sent chest first into the turnbuckles and Brookside with some European uppercuts as Jett says how he has a very similar style to Steven Regal. Uppercut is blocked and Dragon counters with a backslide for two. Crossbody, but Brookside catches and then ties him in the ‘tree of woe’ before a baseball slide dropkick to the head. “USA, USA” chant fires Dragon up, although not for long as Brookside catches him with a high bridged Northern Lights suplex. Drop toe hold by Dragon, who then puts his feet under Brookside’s armpits, rolls him over and bridges back for the pin.


Regal certainly took care of Brookside over the years; getting him work in WCW, this MCW gig here, trainer’s job at NXT and every likelihood he got him into New Japan too. I found this dull and that’s not something I often would say about a Dragon match. That’s probably down to Brookside, who isn’t the technical whizz that you would expect from a WOS era guy, isn’t a flier despite being a lightweight and is bland personality wise.

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