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[2000-09-02-MCW-TV] Joey Abs vs K-Krush


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The crowd didn’t seem to know who to cheer for here but Krush became the defacto face. I don’t know when Krush gets the call up but I am surprised to see him still plying away in Memphis this late into the year. Krush does cheat with his foot on the ropes which brings a lot of his goodwill to an end and felt like a spot he shouldn’t have put in. Now the crowd says that K Krush sucks. Krush remains on top for the majority of the match. Viscera comes in and pulls K Krush out of the Absolute. Krush throws powder into the eyes but misses the big legdrop. Abs recovers enough to hit the Absolute put the referee is still out. Another referee comes in and Viscera attacks him. Krush hits Rude Awakening and the leg drop to pick up the win. A good bit of overbooking here and the crowd wasn’t into Abs as a face. Krush wins the title. Thrasher makes the save post match which annoys me because where was he two minutes earlier? *1/4

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It looks like Krush has been reading his Jerry Lawler joke book with the way he’s throwing out one liners at members of the audience! Abs overpowers Krush on the initial lock up, and when he tries to rush him, runs into a boot to the face. Big scoop powerslam but Krush kicks outs on one. Kevin Kelly wonders where Viscera is and is surprised that Krush’s ‘ace in the hole’ isn’t at ringside for this. That means expect Vis to show up later in the match at some point! Nice overhead suplex, although they’re too close to the ropes and Krush gets a foot over them when he makes the cover. Joey telegraphs the backdrop and Krush with an upward kick followed by a scissors kick. Flying forearm, though ref Mike Johnson spots Krush resting his feet on the ropes for added leverage and stops his count. Abs counters the leapfrog with a sit out powerbomb and that might be the opening he needs to get back into this. Big splash out of the corner and Krush only just kicks out in time. Irish whip is reversed, Krush holds on, knee to the mid-section, face first suplex and now it’s Abs who barely kicks out. Krush looks to use Joey’s own finished against him, though he counters with a backdrop when out to ringside walks Viscera. Told ya! Abs has him set for ‘the Absolute’ (Splash Mountain) when Vis pulls Krush out it. He decks Viscera, but at the same time Johnson gets bumped while he was trying to get the big man away from the ring. Krush blinds Abs with some powder, only to miss the top rope guillotine leg drop as Joey moves out the way. ‘Absolute’ and Charlie Miller runs down to replace Johnson and make the count, however Vis yanks him from the ring and clobbers him. Viscera with a headbutt to Krush, ‘Rude Awakening’, guillotine leg drop hits and Johnson has recovered to count the fall as we have a new MCW Southern Heavyweight champion. The two of them attack Abs after the match until he’s eventually saved, weirdly, by Headbanger Thrasher.


Didn’t think Krush would win here, what with Abs having only defeated Regal for the title last week, so the outcome was a surprise to me. I enjoyed this and preferred it to the Regal match which is something I wouldn’t have expected going in. There were also plenty of twists and turns in the final few minutes here so you didn’t know which way it was heading. Reading Chad’s comments, I thought it was clear Krush was the heel, not only due to the fact that he’s been aligned with Viscera recently but the whole ragging on the audience shtick that heel Lawler would do at the onset.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-09-02-MCW-TV] Joey Abs vs K-Krush

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