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[2015-10-07-WWE-NXT Takeover: Respect] Asuka vs Dana Brooke

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Asuka vs Dana Brooke - NXT Respect 10/7/15


In a great use of the Network, the WWE has put together a collection of Asuka's greatest hits in order to prime fans for her debut on the main roster in a couple weeks. I have seen Asuka a couple times live and just absolutely loved her. For someone who spends his wrestling time prioritizing older footage, I have always overlooked getting into Asuka. This seems like the perfect opportunity to binge watch her best matches. I wont be covering her ~3-5 minute TV matches in detail, but they are awesome and definitely should be checked out.


Pitch perfect debut match. Great exhibition of what Asuka brings to the ring. Charisma in spades, lots of energy, organic builds, great chain wrestling, awesome strikes and badass repertoire of submission wrestling. Asuka is such a classic pro wrestling. She does not do rote gymnastics routines or just throw out modified suplexes and flips for the hell out of it. There is a real build. Also kudos to Dana Brooke for being a pro here. She is a criminally underrated pro wrestler. A great heel that should never been turned face. Loved the rolling hammerlocks. The flying hammerlock was awesome. Asuka makes submission wrestling great again. Dana Brooke's big slap was a great response to being schooled on the mat and Asuka's response of smacking the shit out of her was great. Good cheating from Emma to set up the short but effective Dana Brooke heat segment. Asuka then runs through her best of, mocking Brooke's routine (love that charisma), the flying juji-gatame. the anklelock into that sick German, all great. Crossface Chickenwing takes it home. Short, sweet to the point. Asuka is a beast and she wrestles with the intention to win NOT to entertain. Guess what that is a lot more entertaining. Shoutout again to Dana for being a great heel and making Asuka look damn good. Exactly what a debut match should be. ***1/2

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