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[1990-01-27-WWF-Saturday Night's Main Event] Randy Savage vs Jim Duggan

Superstar Sleeze

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Macho King Randy Savage vs Hacksaw Duggan - WWF SNME 1/90


This whole 89-91 period is my biggest blind spot in Savage's career. His promo with Gene before this match is great. I marked out for Gene namedropping Louis XVI and Savage saying guillotines are what peasants use to get their hair cut. LOVE Duggan in UWF need to see more in WWF. Pretty good match. Duggan is a good power wrestler mostly clotheslines wish we could have gotten an out and out brawl but that's WWF for you. Savage just throws himself into every 100%. LOVE the sedan entrance and Duggan tipping it over. Great use of Sherri. Savage/Sherri maybe the best intergender duo of all time. Duggans finish stretch goes a little long we do get a gratuitous ass shot of Sherri. :) LOADED PURSE!!! That's how Savage won the crown but not this time. Duggan gets one last gasp, a clothesline of course but Savage goes to outside and Havksaw tries to suplex him in and they do Rude/Warriot FINISH for Savage to retain.


Duggan was wasted in not doing bloody brawls. Good WWF cartoon match because Savage & Sherri are the masters of this style. ***

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