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[2000-09-04-WWF-Raw] Kane vs Chris Benoit


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Rock is out for commentary. Kane’s pyro doesn’t go off inside the ring. Not much to the match but it is nice to see Benoit still mixing it up in the main event scene. Benoit is through the ropes jawing at Rock and Kane gives him a reverse DDT that looked absolutely horrific and dropped Benoit right on his head. Action spills to the outside and Benoit and Rock keep talking to each other. Kane sends Benoit into the steps and grabs a choke hold on Rock. Benoit has a chair that he uses on Kane and the match ends in a DQ. Afterwards, Rock gives Kane a Rock Bottom on the floor. *

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Kane was completely terrible in this. On two straight occasions he messed up getting in position to take Benoit's German suplex. Later he nearly kills Benoit trying to reverse suplex him back into the ring. He also threw the lightest and most shitty double axe handle to Benoit when Benoit was arguing with the Rock. That, coupled with Kane's heavy breathing, made this a bit annoying. Benoit was fine bouncing around Kane's offense but this didn't amount to much.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-09-04-WWF-Raw] Kane vs Chris Benoit

The Rock is out before both combatants to provide guest commentary on this number one contender’s match.  In case anyone missed what went down on Smackdown, the events of Kane costing Chris Benoit his match with the Undertaker and then Rock coming to Taker’s aid are recapped.   Huge press slam by Kane where he just drops ‘the Crippler’ chest first to the mat.  Benoit ducks a clothesline and then catches Kane with a neckbreaker.  German suplex for a two count.  Belly to back followed by a diving headbutt off the top, however instead of going for the pin he steps through the ropes and onto the apron to say a few words to the Rock.  Kane’s up to his feet, grabs ‘the Crippler’ from behind and an inverted suplex from the apron back into the ring, pretty much spiking Benoit on his head.  That was a nasty looking landing.  Not sure why he bothered though as after suplexing him in, he then throws him right back out!  Benoit avoids the charging Kane who goes crashing into the ring post and he’s back ranting at the Rock instead of concentrating on his opponent.  Kane jumps him while he’s jawing and launches him into the steel ring steps before snatching Rock around the throat.  ‘The Crippler’ then cracks Kane across the back with a chair and the ref calls for the bell throwing the match out.  A big boot fells ‘the Crippler’, ‘Rock Bottom’ to Kane on the concrete and we’re none the wiser on who the number one contender is.

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