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[1981-08-01-WWF-Philadelphia, PA] Pat Patterson vs Sgt. Slaughter (Alley Fight II)


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Considering everyone talks about the MSG one, you wouldn't even know there was a second one on tape, I was surprised when I found it and wondered. could it live up to the New York one? Was Sarge going to bleed buckets again? I couldn't wait to find out.


Well I guess they didn't make I LOVE PHILLY T-Shirts so Pat comes out in a red Adidas tank-top and cowboy boots. Out comes Slaughter and the match is on, from the get go Pat with right hands in the corner and a kick in the mid section where Sarge is having a fit and another kick for good measure. Body slam by Pat, jumps to the second rope and delivers a huge knee to Slaughter's neck. Another kick by Pat and Slaughter goes over the top rope to the floor. Great start. I just realized this is only the 1st minute. I'll try to condense this a little better or this is going to be a long review.


Pat has taken off his belt but Slaughter with a punch to the face, now there are fighting for the belt with Pat grabbing it and whipping Slaughter multiple times in the face and back, busty girl cheering on Pat in the front row, Sarge getting choked in the corner and rakes Patterson in the eyes. Pat now with the belt around his fist and Slaughter hits a big dropkick to knock Pat down. Slaughter gains an advantage with some kicks with his combat boots and now looks to take control. Sarge with some payback with the belt but Pat fights back but then Slaughter hits a BIG back suplex. That girl is worried now, Sarge with the cobra clutch, Pat finally breaks it so Slaughter picks him up for a backbreaker.


Sarge heads to the top and heads down with a boot to the face of Patterson. Sarge again to the top and down with another boot but his momentum has him rolling to the outside and crashing into the announce table. Both men are down. Sarge once again on the top rope but Pat is moving around the ring so Slaughter thinks twice. Pat with a punch to the gut and now slingshots Slaughter into the ring post, you know what this means. Nope I can't see blood yet, Pat with some kicks the head, his got the belt now and choking Sarge with it.


They exchange blows now with Sarge getting the upper hand and now Sarge had pulled some tape out of his shirt and chokes Pat with it. That girl is still cheering for Pat. Pat escapes the choke and now has taken off one of his boots and clobbers Slaughter in the head. WE GOT A BLEEDER, not as bad as MSG, I dont think Sarge could top that one but it's still nasty and now Pat is all fired up, another hit with the boot, and another, and another, now Pat has got his other boot off, hit with the right, a hit with the left, Pat is "kicking" the shit out of Slaughter. Sarge gets slammed back into the ring, man those cowboy boots are getting worn out and now Slaughter rolls out of the ring and heads back to the dressing room. IT'S OVER.


Well that was enjoyable.Not as good as the MSG one but a very good successor. I wish we had more Alley Fights on tape, they certainly are unique. If you can find it check it out. I'm giving this one ****

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