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[2017-09-15-AIW-Cool As Ice] Tom Lawlor vs Dominic Garrini

Phil Schneider

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The new trend of UFC guys (and gals) deciding to do indie wrestling has really led to some great stuff, and this might be my favorite. Filthy Tom Lawlor actually had some pro-wrestling experience before UFC (he is listed as Hack Myers trained by Cagematch) and was a DVDVR poster back in the day. Garrini isn't an ex-UFC guy but is a Brazilian Jujitsu champion and fits in perfectly in this style. Lawlor comes out in a gimp mask and predator wig, and I am not sure what gimmick he is working. Opening matwork was great, both guys rolling around grabbing arms and legs. I imagine this was ju-jitsu sparring and you could tell that the skill level was really high. After the matwork there was a section I didn't like where they did a very 2017 slap exchange into an elbow exchange into a a pair of semi no-sold German suplexes. After that there was a very cool double KO with Garinni throwing a knee and eating a superman punch at the same time. Finish run was awesome with Lawlor hitting a great uranage into an Olympic hell (man someone needs to bring over Tamon Honda and have him work both of these guys and Riddle). Actually finish was dope, Lawlor goes for a top rope headbutt and gets caught in a triangle, Lawlor fights his way out of it and counters it into a Styles clash for the pin. Just a hell of fight, and one of my favorite matches of the year.

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