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[2000-09-06-WCW-Thunder] Vampiro vs Sting (Falls Count Anywhere)


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Lets hope this is the big blow off between a feud that could very possibly be the worst of 2000. I would have never voted Sting for WON HOF and I get the argument for him but even Flair/Hogan and all other WON HOF entrants like Rey have found more redeeming stuff in 2000 WCW than this which has been a fail on every level. Action spills to the outside and Vampiro is already carrying Sting right up the whole arena with some crowd brawling. Sting throws a chair shot at vamp’s head that would make Lance Storm blush. We are back in the ring and Vamp goes low and hits a good looking back suplex. Vampiro is not on offense for long before Sting makes his comeback. Shaggy runs some interference but Sting hits a flash Scorpion Death Drop for the pin. Shaggy and Vampiro beat up Sting afterwards and Violent J calls Vamp the winner which makes no sense. Muta walks out, drags Sting to the outside and mists Violent J. This is confusing as fuck as then Sting and Muta fight walk to the back. Goldberg’s music fires up because we have to segue everything in this “off the format” Russo era. Goldberd dismantles the Carnival. * and please please please make this feud end.

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We get a highlight package of everything that led up to this ‘Anything Goes’ match, before Vampiro makes his way out alongside the Insane Clown Posse. The ICP will be providing guest commentary and we’ve had plenty of references to ‘Juggalos’ before Sting has made his entrance. Vamp is even acknowledged as the Juggalo Heavyweight champion, while the ICP claim that this is a JCW sanctioned bout. Although sanctioned by the JCW, they say that this isn’t a title match because Sting hasn’t worked his way up the JCW rankings; he hasn’t defeated the likes of Madman Pondo so he’s starting at ‘jobber level’. Now there’s a name I never in a millions years would’ve thought would’ve got mentioned on WCW TV! The action quickly spills to the outside where Vamp whips Sting into the guardrail, before hurling him over it and into the front row. They fight in the crowd, although this is another one of those ECW/Tommy Dreamer style ‘fights’. Back at ringside, and with Sting in the ascendancy, he drops Vamp throat first across the barricade. Boot to the mid-section by Vampiro and he rams Sting’s head into the announcer’s table. With this being ‘anything goes’, the ICP then take it in turns to get in shots on ‘the Stinger’. Sting blocks an attempted suplex on the floor and respond with one of his own. He hits Vamp over the head with a chair, although it’s pretty soft to the point that the ICP are openly dismissive of it, describing it as “ginger” and not one of those “cranium busters” that they’re used to seeing. The combatants finally return to the ring and a low blow by Vamp followed by a backdrop driver. Whip to the corner is reversed and Sting with the ‘Stinger splash’. He goes for a second, when Shaggy 2 Dope leaves the commentary desk and throws the JCW belt at him, catching him in the leg. ‘Nail in the Coffin’ but Sting slips over the back and counters with the ‘Scorpion Death Drop’ for the three. Despite Vamp clearly being pinned Violent J announces him as the winner. Yeah, I think I’ll just ignore that! The ‘Dark Carnival’ attack Sting post-match while the Great Muta slowly walks down the aisle to apparently join them. After Sting’s whipped into the ropes though, Muta pulls him from the ring. He then blows the green mist at him, but Sting ducks and he sprays Violent J instead (making Muta pulling him from the ring pretty nonsensical). Sting and Muta fight to the back, right past Bill Goldberg who has recovered from the earlier assault by Scott Steiner and is on his way to ringside. He takes care of ‘the Carnival’ without too much trouble before calling out Bret Hart.


I know Sting missed a bit of time after being ‘set on fire’, but do you realise this feud has been going on since April? Hopefully that is the last we’ve seen of it. It was better than that ‘first blood’ atrocity or the epilepsy inducing ‘human torch’ match mind, but that’s feint praise. The Insane Clown Posse were hideous on commentary, to the point that on more than one occasion they were distracting from the match itself. Violent J especially was a constant motor mouth who was trying way too hard to be funny. The thing was he actually had some good lines, if only he’d reined it back by fifty per cent. I’d rather see Sting and Vamp go at it one more time than hear anything else from them. The ending with Muta was confusing to say the least.

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This is a really poor outing. Absolutely no intensity, no real stakes of any kind, the crowd is not into it. ICP are bad on commentary and Sting looks unmotivated as possible working this by-the-numbers match. Vampiro is all look and smoke and mirrors and doesn't bring anything interesting to the table. Outside of the crowd brawling, the falls count anywhere stipulation is rendered pointless. And everybody looks to be off timing-wise for the finish.



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