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[2000-09-06-WCW-Thunder] Goldberg vs Elix Skipper & Lance Storm (Handicap)


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Bret Hart comes out for a whiny promo blaming Goldberg. Goldberg comes out and responds and they have a good back and forth that could be building up to a match but we know that isn’t going to happen. Bret goads Goldberg into going after him and Steiner comes in with a pipe and locks on the Recliner passing Bill out.



Goldberg calls out Hart after beating up the Carnival but gets Lance Storm and Elix Skipper instead. I had forgotten that Major Gunns joined up with Storm. Storm plays the Canadian National anthem as Goldberg yawns in the ring. Storm and Elix don’t look too excited to enter and Storm shoves Elix into the firing lines. Goldberg demolishes Skipper and Storm tries to bail until General Rection meets him in the aisleway. Goldberg suplexes, spears and jackhammers Storm. Mickey Jay counts so I guess this was a match even though Storm’s stock has plummeted in the course of a month. ¼*

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Bret Hart wants a bit of respect, that’s all he asks! Ever since he came to WCW Bret says how he got screwed over, screwed over and screwed over again, to which Stevie Ray jumps in that “he should’ve known that before he came!” He beat every wrestler in the WWF, from the Undertaker to Steve Austin to the Rock to Shawn Michaels to Vince McMahon, came to WCW and beat everyone here from Ric Flair up to Bill Goldberg. There was only one person who gave him a chance and that was Vince Russo, whom, from the day he got here, started to give him title matches, started to give him what he deserves. The footage from is then Starcade is played. Bret hopes that Goldberg is happy with himself because that “mother of all potatoes” cost him millions of dollars of a supposed guaranteed contract and now he’s dealing with all kinds of complications because of it. As he says how he tried to end his career, tried to end his life, Goldberg’s music plays and he joins Bret in the ring. He explains that he has remorse over what happened, how he feels for him and how sometimes even wishes that it had happened to him instead. Goldberg goes on that he used to look up to Bret, but not any more. All he was doing that night was his job and he’s had enough of the whining, the moaning and the ‘shoot’ interviews. As he is about to leave, Bret tells him to “go back to the dressing room kid” because he never had it in the first place. Goldberg turns around, steps back into the ring and grabs Bret by the throat, when he’s attacked from behind by Scott Steiner who’s got his metal pipe with him. ‘Steiner recliner’ as Bret instructs Scotty to “make him pay”. After leaving him lying, ‘Big Poppa Pump’ says that he’ll finish the job at Fall Brawl.


Goldberg returns to the ring at the end of the Sting/Vampiro match, taking out the ‘Dark Carnival’, before calling out Bret Hart. ‘Team Canada’ appear on the big screen and Lance Storm says that he ended Bret Hart’s career, but there are a couple of Canadian’s left who’ll be more than happy to come down there and kick his ass. Plenty of stalling from ‘Team Canada’, with Lance not really wanting any part of Goldberg and pushing Skipper forwards. A right hand by Elix has no effect and after ducking one from Goldberg, he runs up the turnbuckles and back flips off them, only to get levelled by a spear. Storm has seen enough and retreats up the aisle, when from the opposite direction comes General Rection who grabs and throws him back in the ring. Awesome release overhead pump handle suplex, spear, jackhammer and that’s all she wrote.


In the space of less than a month, Storm has gone from challenging Booker T for the World title, and potentially becoming the first ‘Grand Slam’ champion in the history of WCW, to being the one who jobs to Goldberg in a handicap match when teamed with Elix Skipper in around a minute. Storm’s stock has plummeted quicker than Tazz’s did in the WWF! In regards to Bret’s promo, it’s all well and good him ‘shooting’ on Goldberg, attacking him in the desert, slamming the cage door on him at War Games, but the pay off should be a match between the two of them; something we know that will never happen. As a result it makes this all seem rather fruitless and a case of giving Bret something to do so they don’t have to pay him to just sit at home and do nothing.

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Goldberg's pumphandle T-Bone on Storm is insane. He just hurls him with no regard across the ring. Storm is a guy who could and should have been a cornerstone of WCW at this time and they did half the work getting him there then just punted the whole thing as he jobs to Goldberg in a nothing match like a worthless chump.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-09-06-WCW-Thunder] Goldberg vs Elix Skipper & Lance Storm (Handicap)

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