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[2017-10-07-wXw-World Tag Team League 2017] John Klinger vs Ilja Dragunov


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If you're one of those fans who hates 'overbooking' and wants clean finishes you probably won't like this.


This match is a lot of fun. I don't know the backstory other than what the commentary is telling me but the stipulation is if any of Klinger's heel stable Rise interfere in this match he will lose the title by disqualification. Obviously one of them comes to ringside about 10 minutes in anyway only for Ilja to lariat him off the apron. The 4 others from Rise come marching down to the ring and Klinger looks like he might be in trouble and step inside, the referee starts warning them to get out. Then 4 anti-Rise wrestlers march down the aisle and there's a 4 vs. 4 standoff in the ring which spills out into a brawl all over the arena with bodies and chairs flying everywhere. Meanwhile Klinger has taken advantage of a distracted Dragunov to beat him down, Dragunov's chest is turning bright red through all these chops but he keeps fighting through it against the odds until eventually one blow is too much and he collapses from it but takes down Klinger in the process with a last act of defiance flying headbutt.


The extra Rise man distracts the referee while Klinger gets his title and is about to knock out Dragunov with it only for Da Mack to come down to ringside, snatch the title off him and knock him out with it. The referee doesn't see it but sees Klinger on the ground with the title next to him and looks like he's about to call for a disqualification but Dragunov denies it. Unfortunately for Ilja when question by the ref Da Mack admits it was him and the ref disqualifies Ilja with a look of regret. Rise then storm the ring and beat down Dragunov and hoist him up for Da Mack to hit him with the title belt. Yep, Da Mack was in on it all long. Avalanche and some other guy (sorry!) storm down from outside and help fight off Rise in what is now a 7 vs. 6 skirmish. Commentary is outraged that Da Mack would help Rise.


The crowd is really behind Dragunov throughout this whole thing and he's got sympathy for how he's been screwed out of his title shot. He was clearly the superior wrestler in the 1 vs. 1 segment of the match so the sense of injustice is strong throughout.


I'm giving this ***1/2 for how much I enjoyed this piece of chaos.

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