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[1993-01-02-W*ING] Mitsuteru Tokuda & Masayoshi Motegi vs Kazuhiko Matsuzaki & Hiroshi Itakura


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The junior tag was much faster and livelier paced and just a really fun match. One thing that's different between early 90s junior indy wrestling and today's junior wrestling is that back then everything felt made up on the spot, nothing felt overly contrived or choreographed, and I like that a lot. Even when Motegi busts out a dive it feels like something he just decided to do in the moment, and thus much more exciting. Motegi is generally awesome in these matches as he always does something entertaining, like randomly locking in an awesome ground cobra twist in this match. Matsuzaki I liked a lot on the previous OPW show and he looked good again here throwing hard kicks and headbutts. Tokuda was the guy I hadn't seen before, and he looked really fun too, apparently doing a judo gimmick, as he had some cool judo-ish offense, such as Mariko Yoshida monkey flip into armbar and a badass backdrop that he turned into a Uranage in mid-air. The finish was great too with Motegi just nuking Matsuzaki with the triple german, really fast and with a ton of snap. He made that move look better than Angle. There I said it, Motegi > Angle. Hell, Motegi > Liger. I love Motegi pretty much.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1993-01-02-W*ING] Mitsuteru Tokuda & Masayoshi Motegi vs Kazuhiko Matsuzaki & Hiroshi Itakura

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