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[2000-09-09-IWA-MS-Sweet Science 16: Night Two] Chris Hero vs American Kickboxer


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From what I have seen of these two feud in 2001, Hero is probably my favorite opponent for Kickboxer except for maybe Tarek the Great. This match progressed well and felt sufficient for a second round in a tourney affair. The big vs small contrast was displayed and Hero catches the highspots of Kickboxer. The only downside I have is in regards to the finish as Hero locks on a crab and gets the submission almost instantaneously. *** (6)

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Nice to see Hero getting a chance to play the bully a little bit. I really like Hero as big guy trying to catch little guy and being thwarted here and there. Some of the work felt a bit scattered and aimless and the finish came off a little abruptly but this was a good match.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-09-09-IWA-MS-Sweet Science 16] Chris Hero vs American Kickboxer
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Not sure about this red and black shirt that the referee is wearing!  It also looks like there is a much larger crowd in attendance than last for the final night of the Sweet Science 16.  One thing about Hero is to keep an eye on the little things he does, here he reverses a Kickboxer full nelson, but actually strikes him on the hands, causing him to release his grip, as opposed to just switching positions on the reversal like most seem to do.  Boxer with a huracanrana followed by a headscissors and Hero takes to the outside.  He tries a different tact, looking to make the most of his size and power advantage, but Boxer has an escape for the ‘test of strength’ and he ends up trapped in an arm bar.  Hero whips his way out of it and lands a flying forearm as he starts to take control of the match.  Spinning heel kick for his fourth two count in the space of about a minute.  A pair of European uppercuts and Boxer tumbles between the ropes to the floor.  The sportsmanship that was on display in the early parts of the match has gone, Hero grabbing and then suplexing him back inside.  Hero telegraphs a backdrop and Boxer goes about cutting him down with a series of kicks to the knee.  That seemed to be working and maybe he should’ve stuck with that plan, instead he goes for a backdrop, Hero snatches him, lifts him over his shoulder and then plants him to the mat.  Frog splash but Boxer gets a shoulder up.  Running powerbomb is countered into a huracanrana, however Hero rolls through into a sunset flip for a great near fall.  Boxer reverses the whip into the corner and Hero’s momentum sends him over the turnbuckles to the outside.  Slingshot rana to the floor by Boxer.  He goes to the well once too often though and on the second leaping rana Hero counters into a Boston crab for the submission.

It would’ve been nice if Kickboxer had tried to fight that Boston crab for a bit as opposed to tapping straight away, still this was a good match.  Hero generally based well for Boxer’s flying and you sense him getting more frustrated with his smaller opponent as the match wore on.  Can definitely see those ‘bully’ tendencies that Astro mentions in him here.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-09-09-IWA-MS-Sweet Science 16: Night Two] Chris Hero vs American Kickboxer

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