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[2000-09-09-IWA-MS-Sweet Science 16: Night Two] Chris Hero vs Ace Steel


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An improvement on the previous match just based on the fact that we had Ace being a clear heel. The structure is a same but it felt more advanced with the sequences and chain wrestling. Everything looked crisp and this had a tighter finish with Hero securing the win to go to the finals. Ace was always heralded as one of the more underrated guys on the scene and it is easy to see why as he has character beats as well as a refined working style. ***1/4 (6.4)

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I've always found Ace to be offputting for some reason. Hero feels so much more at home here working the mat as a babyface in a more grounded style of match. The opening of this is good stuff with both guys using counters and reversals and taking it to each other in a slow build. Hero misses a splash off the top and Ace controls before Hero fires up and hits a Hogan sequence before posing for the fans. Hero's Welcome gets put over well by getting the win again and I'm liking this Hero run through the tournament.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-09-09-IWA-MS-Sweet Science 16: Night Two] Chris Hero vs Ace Steel
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You can sense Steel getting more and more frustrated as Hero outwrestles him.  He forces the escape from a rear chinlock and not wanting to risk Hero countering, ramps up the aggression.  Hero reverses the Irish whip and a big side slam gets the first two count of the match.  We don’t have to wait too long for our second courtesy of a rolling neckbreaker.  There’s no-one home on the twisting senton and a Steel lariat takes Hero’s head off.  Just like last night he’s back taking a rest on the turnbuckles, although with a place in the finals on the line decides it would be wiser to go for a cover.  Springboard elbow drop and Hero kicks out.  There’s some pretty blatant talking between the two going on here.  Hero snaps Steel’s neck across the top rope but is caught when going upstairs.  Ace briefly thinks about a suicideplex before opting for the standard superplex.  The crowd look to get behind Hero and that seems to be working as Steel’s shots just fire him up.  I was going to say “Hulk up”, then he drops a leg and goes full on Hulk Hogan cupping his ear to all four corners.  The ‘Hero’s Welcome’ is countered into a Northern Lights suplex for a two.  Steel grabs him and in going for one himself Hero reverses and we have ourselves out first finalist.

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