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[2000-09-09-IWA-MS-Sweet Science 16: Night Two] Chris Hero vs Harry Palmer


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The tournament ends in a whimper. We didn't have any MOTYC or anything on this show but it had progressed well. The opening matwork while fundamental got me excited that it would ratchet up to a satisfying conclusion. Instead, Palmer takes over and between the road sign shot and referee bullshit, this felt like anything but a Sweet Science finale and while Palmer is a heel, he didn't generate the right type of "heat" from that performance. It is nice that Hero won and they were going for an overcoming the odds story to establish Hero, but the execution missed the spot and Palmer wasn't the right person in the other role. **1/4

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They really pulled out all the stops trying to go for the valiant Hero overcoming the odds story. It misfired on so many micro levels, from the intensity (or lack thereof) from Palmer to the lacking bladejob by Hero and Hero throwing an El Matador tribute into the middle of his comeback. But on a macro level it kind of worked. Uneven sure, but the crowd pretty much bought in even though it took a bit to get there and the work didn't really live up to the story they were trying to tell. Still a good moment for Hero as he wins the tournament.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-09-09-IWA-MS-Sweet Science 16: Night Two] Chris Hero vs Harry Palmer

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