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[2000-09-09-ACW] Ken Anderson vs Adam Pearce


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Should I go ahead and announce here that for some reason I am kind of a closeted Anderson fan? Here he is as Kamikaze Ken and a straight 1980's dynamic dude fired up babyface. I don't know where they are wrestling but the floor is dirt here. Pearce gets the crowd nice and riled up beforehand and this match carries a very throwback structure of heat up and cool down spots. Anderson nearly kills himself on a dive to the outside going face first into the dirt. We get the overplayed ref bump and lame finish of Pearce's manager helping him secure the victory. Fun to watch and crowd heat was there from both men. **1/2

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No audio on this one for me.  The floor of the venue is covered in sand which ends up caking both wrestlers whenever they take a spill on it.  Pearce does bump and fly around nicely for Anderson’s offence, before ‘Kamikaze’ Ken lives up to his nickname and nearly KO’s himself on a plancha to the floor.  To be honest, the way he crashed, I’m more surprised that he didn’t.  Anderson avoids the Pearce top rope leg drop and as he mounts his comeback ‘Scrap Iron’ accidentally runs into the referee knocking him down.  You clearly see him move into position so not the most natural looking of bumps.  ‘Kenton bomb’ and with the ref still down Pearce’s second (who I don’t recognise) attacks Anderson.  He hits a spinning cutter, Pearce with a crappy Lionsault and the second gives the ref a shake to wake him up so he can count the pin.

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